This issue contains the study articles for August 6 to September 2, 2018.

“My Kingdom Is No Part of This World”

How should Jesus’ stance regarding controversies of his day influence our view of political and social issues?

May We All Be One as Jehovah and Jesus Are One

What can you do to strengthen the unity of God’s people?

He Could Have Had God’s Favor

The example of Rehoboam, king of Judah, helps us to understand what God is looking for in each one of us.

Let God’s Laws and Principles Train Your Conscience

God gave us a moral compass, but we must make sure that it points us in the right direction.

“Let Your Light Shine” to Glorify Jehovah

More is involved than just preaching the good news.


Comforted Through All My Anxieties

Edward Bazely faced family difficulties, religious opposition, personal disappointments, and depression.

The Power of a Greeting

Even a brief greeting can accomplish much.

Do You Remember?

Can you answer these questions based on recent issues of The Watchtower?