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Subject Index for The Watchtower and Awake! 2020

Subject Index for The Watchtower and Awake! 2020

Indicating the issue in which each article appears



  • Archaeology Confirms Role of Belshazzar? Feb.


  • Mildness​—How Does It Benefit Us? May

  • Put Your Heart Into Your Assignment! Dec.

  • Self-Control​—Essential for Jehovah’s Approval, June


  • 1920​—One Hundred Years Ago, Oct.

  • Responding to Trumpet Calls Today, June

  • Rich Blessings for Those Who Return to Their Country of Origin, Nov.


  • “Here We Are! Send Us!” (J. and M. Bergame), Mar.

  • I Have Done What I Ought to Have Done (D. Ridley), July

  • “Jehovah Has Kept Me in His Thoughts” (M. Herman), Nov.

  • Learning From Good Examples Led Me to Rich Blessings (L. Crépeault), Feb.


  • Evidence That Israelites Were Slaves in Egypt, Mar.

  • Rival Kings in the Time of the End, May


  • Are the qualities listed at Galatians 5:22, 23 the only aspects of “the fruitage of the spirit”? June

  • Does 1 Corinthians 15:29 suggest that Christians got baptized on behalf of dead people? Dec.

  • Does Ecclesiastes 5:8 refer to human rulers, or is Jehovah involved? Sept.

  • Does Proverbs 24:16 refer to someone who repeatedly falls into sin? Dec.

  • When did Jesus become High Priest? Any distinction between when new covenant was validated and when it was inaugurated? July

  • Who were the Jewish temple police? What were their duties? Mar.


  • Act Wisely During a Time of Peace, Sept.

  • An Attack Coming From the North! Apr.

  • Are You Awaiting “the City Having Real Foundations”? Aug.

  • Are You Ready to Become a Fisher of Men? Sept.

  • Are You Ready to Get Baptized? Mar.

  • Be Convinced That You Have the Truth, July

  • “Do Not Let Your Hand Rest,” Sept.

  • Do Not Think More of Yourself Than Is Necessary, July

  • Do You Appreciate God-Given Gifts? May

  • Give Christian Women Your Support, Sept.

  • “Go, Therefore, and Make Disciples,” Jan.

  • “Guard What Has Been Entrusted to You,” Sept.

  • “How Are the Dead to Be Raised Up?” Dec.

  • How Do You View the Fields? Apr.

  • How to Conduct a Bible Study That Leads to Baptism​—Part One, Oct.

  • How to Conduct a Bible Study That Leads to Baptism​—Part Two, Oct.

  • How to Help Others to Observe Christ’s Commands, Nov.

  • How You Can Fight Discouragement, Dec.

  • “I Have Called You Friends,” Apr.

  • “I Myself Will Search for My Sheep,” June

  • Jehovah Is Directing His Organization, Oct.

  • Jehovah, Our Father, Loves Us Dearly, Feb.

  • “Jehovah . . . Saves Those Who Are Discouraged,” Dec.

  • Jehovah Your God Values You! Jan.

  • Keep Walking in the Truth, July

  • Let Jehovah Soothe You, Feb.

  • “Let Your Name Be Sanctified,” June

  • Listen, Learn, and Show Compassion, Apr.

  • “Look Straight Ahead” to the Future, Nov.

  • Love and Appreciation for Jehovah Lead to Baptism, Mar.

  • Love One Another Intensely, Mar.

  • Pursue Peace by Fighting Envy, Feb.

  • Respect the Place of Others in Jehovah’s Congregation, Aug.

  • “Return to Me,” June

  • “Run the Race to the Finish,” Apr.

  • Show Your Appreciation for Unseen Treasures, May

  • Take Courage​—Jehovah Is Your Helper, Nov.

  • “The King of the North” in the Time of the End, May

  • The Resurrection​—A Sure Hope! Dec.

  • The Resurrection Reveals God’s Love, Wisdom, and Patience, Aug.

  • “The Spirit Itself Bears Witness,” Jan.

  • “Unify My Heart to Fear Your Name,” June

  • Walk Humbly and Modestly With Your God, Aug.

  • We Love Jehovah, Our Father, Dearly, Feb.

  • We Will Go With You, Jan.

  • “When I Am Weak, Then I Am Powerful,” July

  • When Is the Right Time to Speak? Mar.

  • Who Is “the King of the North” Today? May

  • Will They Grow Up to Serve God? Oct.

  • Will You Continue to Be Readjusted? Nov.

  • You Can Be “a Source of Great Comfort,” Jan.

  • You Have a Place in Jehovah’s Congregation! Aug.


  • Lasting Blessings From a Loving God, No. 3

  • The Search for Truth, No. 1

  • What Is God’s Kingdom? No. 2


  • 5 Questions About Suffering Answered, No. 2

  • Find Relief From Stress, No. 1

  • Is There a Cure for Prejudice? No. 3