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Rival Kings in the Time of the End

Rival Kings in the Time of the End

The prophecies mentioned in this chart overlap one another. They prove in multiple ways that we are living in “the time of the end.”​—Dan. 12:4.

  • Scripture(s) Rev. 11:7; 12:13, 17; 13:1-8, 12

    Prophecy “The wild beast” roams the earth for many centuries. In the time of the end, its seventh head is wounded. Later, that head is healed and “all the earth” follows the beast. Satan uses that beast to “wage war with the remaining ones.”

    Fulfillment After the Flood, human governments opposed to Jehovah emerge. Many centuries later, during World War I, the British Empire is severely weakened. It recovers when it is joined by the United States. Especially in the time of the end, Satan uses his entire political system to persecute God’s people.

  • Scripture(s) Dan. 11:25-45

    Prophecy Rivalry between the king of the north and the king of the south during the time of the end.

    Fulfillment Germany and Anglo-American powers compete. In 1945 the Soviet Union and its allies become the king of the north. In 1991, the Soviet Union collapses, and in time, Russia and its allies take over the role of the king of the north.

  • Scripture(s) Isa. 61:1; Mal. 3:1; Luke 4:18

    Prophecy Jehovah sends his “messenger” to “clear up a way” before the Messianic Kingdom is established. This group sets out to “declare good news to the meek.”

    Fulfillment From the 1870’s onward, C. T. Russell and his associates work zealously to explain Bible truths. During the 1880’s, they begin to emphasize that God’s servants need to preach. They publish such articles as “Wanted 1,000 Preachers” and “Anointed to Preach.”

  • Scripture(s) Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43

    Prophecy An enemy oversows a field of wheat with weeds that are allowed to grow and hide the wheat until the harvest time arrives; then the weeds are separated from the wheat.

    Fulfillment From the late 1800’s onward, true Christians begin to be distinguished from false Christians. During the time of the end, true Christians are gathered and separated from false Christians.

  • Scripture(s) Dan. 2:31-33, 41-43

    Prophecy The feet of iron and clay belong to an image made of various metals.

    Fulfillment Clay represents the radical and popular elements within the sphere of the Anglo-American World Power. These elements weaken the ability of this world power to act with ironlike strength.

  • Scripture(s) Matt. 13:30; 24:14, 45; 28:19, 20

    Prophecy “The wheat” is gathered into the “storehouse” and “the faithful and discreet slave” is appointed over the “domestics.” The preaching of the “good news of the Kingdom” begins to spread to “all the inhabited earth.”

    Fulfillment In 1919 the faithful slave is appointed over God’s people. From that time onward, the Bible Students step up their preaching activities. Today, Jehovah’s Witnesses preach in over 200 lands and produce Bible-based material in over 1,000 languages.

  • Scripture(s) Dan. 12:11; Rev. 13:11, 14, 15

    Prophecy A two-horned wild beast takes the lead in creating “an image to the wild beast” and gives “breath to the image.”

    Fulfillment The Anglo-American World Power takes the lead in creating the League of Nations. This organization is supported by other nations. Eventually, the king of the north joins the League as well​—but only from 1926 to 1933. Like the United Nations (UN) after it, the League is given praise that is due God’s Kingdom.

  • Scripture(s) Dan. 8:23, 24

    Prophecy A fierce-looking king brings “ruin in an extraordinary way.”

    Fulfillment The Anglo-American World Power has caused vast ruin. For example, during World War II, the United States caused terrible ruin on an unprecedented scale when it dropped two atomic devices on an enemy of the dual world power.

  • Scripture(s) Dan. 11:31; Rev. 17:3, 7-11

    Prophecy The “scarlet-colored” beast with ten horns ascends out of the abyss and is an eighth king. The book of Daniel refers to this king as “the disgusting thing that causes desolation.”

    Fulfillment The League of Nations plunges into inactivity during World War II. After the war, the UN is “put in place.” The UN, like the League before it, is given glory that is due God’s Kingdom. The UN will attack religion.

  • Scripture(s) 1 Thess. 5:3; Rev. 17:16

    Prophecy The nations proclaim “peace and security,” and “the ten horns” and “the wild beast” attack “the prostitute” and destroy her. Thereafter, destruction befalls the nations.

    Fulfillment The nations may claim that they have achieved peace and security. Then, the nations supporting the UN destroy the institutions of false religion. This marks the opening phase of the great tribulation. That tribulation will end with the destruction of the entire world system at Armageddon.

  • Scripture(s) Ezek. 38:11, 14-17; Matt. 24:31

    Prophecy Gog invades the land of God’s people. Then, angels gather the “chosen ones.”

    Fulfillment The king of the north, acting along with the rest of the world’s governments, attacks God’s people. Some time after the beginning of this attack, the remaining anointed ones are gathered to heaven.

  • Scripture(s) Ezek. 38:18-23; Dan. 2:34, 35, 44, 45; Rev. 6:2; 16:14, 16; 17:14; 19:20

    Prophecy “The one seated” on a “white horse” completes “his conquest” by destroying Gog and his army. “The wild beast” is “hurled into the fiery lake,” and the giant image is crushed.

    Fulfillment Jesus, the ruling King of God’s Kingdom, comes to the rescue. Together with his 144,000 corulers and his angelic armies, he destroys the coalition of nations, Satan’s entire political system.