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Biscuits for the Terriers

Biscuits for the Terriers

“IN THE spring of 2014, I began walking my two small dogs in the downtown section of our community,” wrote Nick, who lives in Oregon, U.S.A. “The Witnesses were usually at the city center, standing beside their literature carts. They were well-dressed, and they greeted one and all with a warm smile.

“The Witnesses were kind not just to people but to my dogs as well. One day, Elaine, who was standing next to the cart, offered some biscuits to my two terriers. After that, it wasn’t long before the dogs were pulling on their leashes in an attempt to get to the ‘biscuit corner.’

“Months came and went. The dogs enjoyed their biscuits, and I enjoyed brief conversations with the Witnesses. But I was hesitant to get too friendly. I was over 70 years of age, and I wasn’t sure what the Witnesses believed. Having been disappointed with Protestant churches, I thought it best to study the Bible on my own.

“During this time, I saw other Witnesses in different parts of the city, standing beside their carts. They too were always pleasant. They were committed to giving Bible-based answers to questions, and as a result, my trust in them grew.

“One day, Elaine asked, ‘Do you believe that animals are a gift from God?’ I replied, ‘Yes, I definitely do!’ Elaine then shared Isaiah 11:6-9 with me. It was a turning point, even though I was still hesitant about accepting literature.

“In the days that followed, I enjoyed brief but meaningful discussions with Elaine and her husband, Brent. They suggested that I read Matthew through Acts to understand what is involved in being Christlike. So I did. Not long after, I accepted a Bible study with Brent and Elaine. That was in the summer of 2016.

“I looked forward to my weekly Bible study and the meetings at the Kingdom Hall. I felt blessed and happy to be learning what the Bible really says. A little over a year later, I became a baptized Witness. Now at the age of 79, I know I am on the correct path. Jehovah has blessed me by including me in his family of dedicated servants.”