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Sharing Bible Truth

Learn about the experiences Jehovah’s Witnesses have as they share the Word of God and its message of truth with as many people as possible.

A Public Phone for Bible Studies

How did Daiane start several Bible studies in an isolated village that had no electricity or Internet access?

She Was Amazed at the Results

How did Desicar, a single mother in Venezuela, successfully adapt her ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic?

They Appreciated Her Letters

What are some of the good results from preaching by writing letters?

“I Had Been Waiting for Your Phone Call”

Why is one couple happy they worked up the courage to share in phone witnessing?

Help for Hospital Workers Who Are Coping With Stress

How did nurses and staff members at one hospital get some helpful encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic?

They Kept On Preaching During the Pandemic

Brothers and sisters maintain their joy and keep a positive attitude while adjusting their methods of sharing the Bible’s comforting message.

Biscuits for the Terriers

A couple doing cart witnessing shows kindness not only to a man but also to his dogs. With what results?

A Flood That Brought Good News

After heavy rain, villages in Nicaragua get help from an unexpected source.

A Blind Woman’s Prayers Are Answered

Mingjie prayed to find true Christians. What made her feel that her prayers were answered?

One Bible Study Became Many

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Guatemala were able to reach many Kekchi-speaking people with Bible truth.

The Clergyman Gets Answers

After their son died, a clergyman and his wife cried bitterly. But they soon began to get satisfying answers to their questions about death.

Mistaken for the Pastor

One of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Chile had a unique opportunity to share good news and explain that it was never God’s purpose for humans to die.

An Expedition up the Maroni River

A group of 13 Witnesses set off to share the Bible’s message of hope with isolated people in the Amazon rain forest of South America.

A Police Escort for Joseph

How did the police on a tiny island help Jehovah’s Witnesses preach the good news of God’s Kingdom?

They Stopped to Help

Why did five determined youths overcome snow and cold to help a neighbor?

“One Small Act of Honesty”

Find out why one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in South Africa went to great lengths to return a bag and a wallet that were left in a coffee shop.

“I Do What I Can”

Although nearly 90 years old, Irma writes Bible-based letters that touch the heart of many who receive them.

Tell Them You Love Them

Learn how the Bible helped a family to have a warmer and happier relationship

“It Is Such a Fresh Approach!”

Videos available via the website are catching the attention of educators, counselors, and others.

One Act of Christian Kindness

How did one act of kindness help an opposer to take an interest in Biblical truths?

Never Give Up Hope!

You should never give up hope that someone will eventually accept the truth. Read of some who did and why.

Hulda Reached Her Goal

How was Hulda able to acquire a tablet that would help in the ministry and at Christian meetings?

A Well-Planned Campaign Bears Fruit

Read how a ten-year-old girl in Chile worked hard to invite all from her school who spoke Mapudungun to a special event.

Can You Look Beyond Outward Appearances?

What happened when one of Jehovah’s Witnesses patiently talked to a reclusive and obnoxious individual who lived on the street?