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Highlights of the Past Year

Highlights of the Past Year

 Jehovah gave Ezekiel a vision of a colossal celestial chariot, which represents the invisible part of Jehovah’s organization. Despite the chariot’s immensity, it moves swiftly and changes direction with lightning speed. (Ezek. 1:15-28) Exciting developments during the past year indicate that the earthly part of Jehovah God’s organization is likewise on the move.


An Organization That Is on the Move

Jehovah’s direction is evident on moving the world headquarters out of New York City.

JW.ORG—“A Witness to All the Nations”

Our website is helping the good news of God’s Kingdom reach “all the nations.”

They Appreciate Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

Users of this valuable Bible research tool send letters of appreciation.

Animated Videos Touch Righteous Hearts

Note the positive effects these videos are having on children and families around the world.

A Fascinating Tour Through Time

Read an inviting overview of the new exhibit that includes the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses and a timeline of Christianity.

Legal Report

These legal reports from 12 countries show that Jehovah’s Witnesses still face many issues regarding freedom of worship.

Dispatches—News From Around the World

Jehovah’s Witnesses make great efforts to build and attend dignified places of worship.

Branch Dedications

Enjoy some of the highlights from these joyful international events.