2014 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Read highlights from the countries of Sierra Leone and Guinea, and enjoy encouraging experiences from around the world.

2014 Yeartext

Our yeartext for 2014 is “Let Your Kingdom Come.”—Matthew 6:10

A Letter From the Governing Body

You will be encouraged by the warm and spiritually upbuilding letter from the Governing Body.

An Organization That Is on the Move

Jehovah’s direction is evident on moving the world headquarters out of New York City.

JW.ORG—“A Witness to All the Nations”

Our website is helping the good news of God’s Kingdom reach “all the nations.”

They Appreciate Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

Users of this valuable Bible research tool send letters of appreciation.

Animated Videos Touch Righteous Hearts

Note the positive effects these videos are having on children and families around the world.

A Fascinating Tour Through Time

Read an inviting overview of the new exhibit that includes the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses and a timeline of Christianity.

Legal Report

These legal reports from 12 countries show that Jehovah’s Witnesses still face many issues regarding freedom of worship.

Dispatches—News From Around the World

Jehovah’s Witnesses make great efforts to build and attend dignified places of worship.

Branch Dedications

Enjoy some of the highlights from these joyful international events.


People in Africa are welcoming Bible truth, and it is having a powerful effect on their lives. Read about an alcoholic who smoked 60 cigarettes daily.

The Americas

The following experiences show that helping in practical ways, and sharing Bible truth despite opposition, can have positive results.

Asia and the Middle East

Persistent effort in the preaching work is rewarding. Consider the effort made to help a man who is blind, deaf, and mute to understand that God cares about him.


Prejudice can be the result of misinformation. Learn how a talk show broke down prejudice against Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Writing letters is one way that Bible truth is spread in Christchurch, New Zealand. Why do some call these letters “Letters from God?”

An Overview of Sierra Leone and Guinea

Learn more about these lands, their people, religion, and language.

1915-1947 Early Days (Part 1)

In 1915, the first baptized servant of Jehovah arrived in Freetown. Many were interested in the Bible.

1915-1947 Early Days (Part 2)

The clergy had schemed to silence God’s people, however, Jehovah had ‘turned back their hurtfulness upon them.’

1915-1947 Early Days (Part 3)

The Freetown congregation became ‘intensely occupied with the word.’

“You Will Be Dead Within a Year”

Twice a week Zachaeus Martyn walked five miles, up and down a mountain, to attend Christian meetings. What convinced him that he had found Bible truth?

They Called Him “Bible” Brown

William R. Brown preached throughout the Caribbean Islands and in West Africa. Learn why he felt that he had one of the highest privileges that a human can have.

1945-1990 ‘Bringing Many to Righteousness’—Dan.12:3. (Part 1)

The preaching work would be greatly expanded. Missionaries were sent to stimulate growth.

They Wanted to See It

In 1956, the film The New World Society in Action was screened in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Would anyone come to see it?

1945-1990 ‘Bringing Many to Righteousness’—Dan.12:3. (Part 2)

Jehovah’s Witnesses are well-known throughout Sierra Leone and Guinea as a people who honor marriage.

1945-1990 ‘Bringing Many to Righteousness’—Dan.12:3. (Part 3)

Why did Poro politicians submit a motion in Parliament to ban the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Secret Societies

What influence do secret societies common in West Africa have on the lives of men and women?

1945-1990 ‘Bringing Many to Righteousness’—Dan.12:3. (Part 4)

To help others advance spiritually, congregations conducted literacy classes. As more people learned to read, the need for translation increased.

A Lapel Card Was Their “Passport”

How did delegates without proper travel documents, or a passport, cross the border into Guinea to attend the convention?

Jehovah Raised Me Up

Jay Campbell, a polio victim, wanted to attend a congregation Bible study. She said that she would walk there on her wooden walking blocks. Did she succeed?

1991-2001 A “Furnace of Affliction”—Isa.48:10 (Part 1)

Despite the war, material aid and spiritual comfort was provided for fellow Witnesses and others. What helped them to display strength and courage?

1991-2001 A “Furnace of Affliction”—Isa.48:10 (Part 2)

In the midst of conflict, Jehovah’s Witnesses “continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news.”

From Child Soldier to Regular Pioneer

A young rebel soldier remembered the warm welcome he received when he attended a meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses. What motivated him to change his ways?

We Escaped From Rebel Soldiers

Amid killing and chaos in Pendembu, why were the lives of several Witnesses spared when war broke out in 1991?

The Watchtower Man

One of Jehovah’s Witnesses served as a courier during the civil war. How was he able to carry correspondence and supplies from Freetown to Conakry, Guinea?

Something Better Than Diamonds

Tamba Josiah worked in diamond mines before becoming one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Why does he feel that he found something more valuable than diamonds?

2002-2013 Recent Developments (Part 1)

After the civil war, congregations were formed, Kingdom Halls were built, and special pioneers were assigned where there were few Witnesses.

2002-2013 Recent Developments (Part 2)

Today, Jehovah’s Witnesses in both countries are convinced that many more people will yet respond to the good news of the Kingdom.

Determined to Serve Jehovah

Philip Tengbeh and his wife fled for their lives while rebel soldiers overran their hometown, Koindu. They helped build five Kingdom Halls while living in refugee camps.

I Fell in Love With Sierra Leone

Cindy McIntire has served as a missionary in Africa since 1992. She tells why she especially enjoys preaching in Sierra Leone.

One Hundred Years Ago—1914

1914, the year the Bible Students had been proclaiming had finally arrived.