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“You Will Be Dead Within a Year”

Zachaeus Martyn

“You Will Be Dead Within a Year”
  • BORN 1880

  • BAPTIZED 1942

  • PROFILE Started pioneering when he was 72 years old.

ZACHAEUS never had anyone study the Bible with him. But after reading the books Salvation and The Harp of God, he knew that he had found the truth.

Early one Sunday morning in 1941, Zachaeus set off to attend his first Witness meeting, which was five miles (8 km) away and down a steep mountain. Not knowing when the meeting would begin, he arrived several hours early. Zachaeus sat and waited for the brothers to arrive. After attending three Sunday meetings at the Kingdom Hall, he told the local Anglican Church to take his name off the membership roll.

A close friend, who attended that church, chided him, saying, “Old man, if you continue to walk those five miles (8 km) up and down this mountain to go to the hall of those people, you will be dead within a year.” He watched Zachaeus walk up and down the mountain twice a week for five years. Then the friend dropped dead! Twenty-five years later, Zachaeus was still feeling fit.

Zachaeus faithfully served Jehovah until his death at the age of 97.