Judges 12:1-15

  • Conflict with the Ephraimites (1-7)

    • Shibboleth test (6)

  • Judges Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon (8-15)

12  Then the men of Eʹphra·im were summoned, and they crossed over to Zaʹphon* and said to Jephʹthah: “Why did you not call us to go with you when you crossed over to fight against the Amʹmon·ites?+ We will burn your house down with you in it.”  But Jephʹthah said to them: “Along with my people, I was engaged in a great conflict with the Amʹmon·ites. I did call to you for help, but you did not save me from their hand.  When I saw that you would not save me, then I decided to risk my life* and go against the Amʹmon·ites,+ and Jehovah handed them over to me. So why have you come today to fight against me?”  Jephʹthah then gathered all the men of Gilʹe·ad,+ and they fought Eʹphra·im; the men of Gilʹe·ad defeated Eʹphra·im, who had said: “You are only fugitives from Eʹphra·im, you Gilʹe·ad·ites in Eʹphra·im and Ma·nasʹseh.”  Gilʹe·ad captured the fords of the Jordan+ ahead of Eʹphra·im; and when the men of Eʹphra·im were trying to escape, they would say, “Let me cross over”; then the men of Gilʹe·ad would ask each one, “Are you an Eʹphra·im·ite?” When he would reply, “No!”  they would say to him, “Please say Shibʹbo·leth.” But he would say, “Sibʹbo·leth,” as he was unable to say the word correctly. Then they would seize him and slay him at the fords of the Jordan. So 42,000 Eʹphra·im·ites fell at that time.  Jephʹthah judged Israel for six years, after which Jephʹthah the Gilʹe·ad·ite died and was buried in his city in Gilʹe·ad.  Ibʹzan from Bethʹle·hem judged Israel after him.+  He had 30 sons and 30 daughters. He sent his daughters to marry men outside his clan, and he brought in 30 women to marry his sons. He judged Israel for seven years. 10  Then Ibʹzan died and was buried in Bethʹle·hem. 11  After him Eʹlon the Zebʹu·lun·ite judged Israel; he judged Israel for ten years. 12  Then Eʹlon the Zebʹu·lun·ite died and was buried in Aiʹja·lon in the land of Zebʹu·lun. 13  After him Abʹdon the son of Hilʹlel the Pirʹa·thon·ite judged Israel. 14  He had 40 sons and 30 grandsons who rode on 70 donkeys. He judged Israel for eight years. 15  Then Abʹdon the son of Hilʹlel the Pirʹa·thon·ite died and was buried in Pirʹa·thon in the land of Eʹphra·im in the mountain of the A·malʹek·ite.+


Or possibly, “crossed over northward.”
Or “I put my soul in my hand.”