1 Chronicles 3:1-24

3  And these were David’s sons who were born to him at Hebron: Amnon the eldest, by Ahinoʽam the Jezreʽelite; Daniel the second, by Abigail the Carmelite; 2  Absalom the third, son of Maʽacah the daughter of King Talmai of Geshur; Adonijah the fourth, son of Haggith; 3  Shephatiah the fifth, by Abital; Ithream the sixth, by his wife ʽEglah. 4  Six were born to him at Hebron; and he reigned there seven years and six months, and reigned at Jerusalem thirty-three years. 5  And these were born to him at Jerusalem: Shimea and Shobab and Nathan and Solomon, four by Bath-Shuaʽ the daughter of ʽAmmiel, 6  and Ibhar and Elishuaʽ and Eliphelet 7  and Nogah and Nepheg and Japhiaʽ 8  and Elishamaʽ and Eljadaʽ and Eliphelet—nine. 9  All David’s sons, besides sons of concubines; and Tamar was their sister. 10  And Solomon’s son was Rehoboam; his son, Abijah; his son, Asa; his son, Jehoshaphat; his son, 11  Joram; his son, Ahaziah; his son, Joash; his son, 12  Amasiah; his son, ʽAzariah; his son, Jotham; his son, 13  Ahaz; his son, Hezekiah; his son, Manasseh; his son, 14  Amon; his son, Josiah; 15  and Josiah’s sons were Johanan the eldest, Jehojakim the second, Sidkijah the third, Shallum the fourth; 16  and Jehojakim’s sons were his son Jeconiah, his son Sidkijah. 17  And the sons of Jeconiah as prisoner were his son Shealtiel 18  and Malkiram and Pedajah and Shenassar, Jekamiah, Hoshamaʽ, and Nedabiah; 19  and Pedajah’s sons were Zerubbabel and Shimei; and Zerubbabel’s sons were Meshullam and Hananiah (and Shelomith was their sister), 20 * and Hashubah and Ohel and Berekiah and Hasadiah, Jushab Hesed—five. 21  And Hananiah’s son was Pelatiah, and his son Isaiah; his son, Rephajah; his son, Arnan; his son, ʽObadiah; his son, 22  Shecaniah; and Shecaniah’s sons were Shemaʽiah, and Shemaʽiah’s sons were Hattush and Igal and Bariah and Neʽariah and Shaphat—six; 23  and Neʽariah’s sons were Eljoʽenai and Hezekiah and ʽAzrikam—three; 24  and Eljoʽenai’s sons were Hodaviah and Eljashib and Pelajah and ʽAkkub and Johanan and Delajah and ʽAnani—seven.


3:20 Conj. and Meshullam’s sons were Hashubah and