1 Chronicles 7:1-40

7  And Issacar’s sons were Tolaʽ and Puah, Jashib and Shimron, four of them. 2 * And Tolaʽ’s sons were ʽUzzi and Rephajah and Jeriel and Jahmai and Ibsam, heads of their families of Tolaʽ’s, solid men; line by line, their number in David’s time was twenty-two thousand and six hundred. 3  And ʽUzzi’s sons were Izrahiah; and Izrahiah’s sons were Micael and ʽObadiah and Joel and Isshijah—five, all heads; and about them, 4 * line by line by families, raiding bands for military service, thirty-six thousand, because they had numerous wives and sons. 5  And of their brothers of all the clans of Issacar, stalwart men, there were eighty-seven thousand. All had their genealogical register. 6  Benjamin’s sons were Belaʽ and Beker and Jediʽael, three of them. 7 * And Belaʽ’s sons were Esbon and ʽUzzi and ʽUzziel and Jerimoth and ʽIri, five, heads of families, stalwart men, and their genealogical register was twenty-two thousand and thirty-four. 8  And Beker’s sons were Zemirah and Joghash and Eliʽezer and Eljoʽenai and ʽOmri and Jeremoth and Abijah and ʽAnathoth and ʽAlemeth; all these were Beker’s sons, 9  and their genealogical register, line by line, heads of families, was twenty thousand and two hundred. 10  And Jediʽael’s sons were Bilhan, and Bilhan’s were Jeghush and Benjamin and Ehud and Kenaʽanah and Zethan and Tarshish and Ahishahar; 11  all these were Jediʽael’s sons by heads of families, stalwart men, seventeen thousand and two hundred who came out with the militia for war. 12 *** And Shuppim and Huppim were sons of ʽIr; Hushim were sons of Aher. 13  The sons of Naphtali were Jahsiel and Guni and Jeser and Shallum, the sons of Bilhah. 14 *** The sons of Manasseh, whom his Syrian concubine bore: she bore Makir the father of Gilead. 15 ** And Makir took a wife for Huppim and Shuppim, and his sister’s name was Maʽacah; and the second son’s name was Silpahad, and Silpahad had daughters. 16  And Makir’s wife Maʽacah bore a son and named him Peresh, and his brother’s name was Sheresh, and his sons were Ulam and Rekem, 17  and Ulam’s sons were Bedan; these are the sons of Gilead the son of Makir the son of Manasseh. 18  And his sister Hammoleketh bore Ishhod and Abiʽezer and Mahlah. 19  And Shemidaʽ’s sons were Ahjan and Shekem and Likhi and Aniʽam. 20  And Ephraim’s sons were Shuthelah and Bered his son and Tahath his son and Eleadah his son and Tahath his son 21  and Zabad his son and Shuthelah his son, and ʽEzer and Elead; and the men of Gath who were born in the country killed them, because they went down to take their livestock; 22  and their father Ephraim mourned a long time, and his brothers came to comfort him. 23  And he went in to his wife, and she conceived and had a son, and he named him Beriʽah because it was going badly with his family. 24  And his daughter was Sheerah; and she built Beth-Horon, the lower and the upper, and Uzzen-Sheerah. 25  And Rephah was his son, and Resheph, and Telah his son, and Tahan his son, 26  Laghdan his son, ʽAmmihud his son, Elishamaʽ his son, 27  Nun his son, Joshuaʽ his son. 28  And their properties and domiciles were Bethel and its dependencies, and on the east Naʽaran, and on the west Gezer and its dependencies, and Shekem and its dependencies, to Ghaijah and its dependencies. 29  And in the hands of the sons of Manasseh were Beth-Shean and its dependencies, Taʽanac and its dependencies, Megiddo and its dependencies, Dor and its dependencies. In these lived the sons of Joseph the son of Israel. 30  Asher’s sons were Imnah and Ishvah and Ishvi and Beriʽah and their sister Serah; 31  and Beriʽah’s sons were Heber and Malkiel—he was the father of Birzoth; 32  and Heber begot Japhlet and Shomer and Hotham and their sister Shuʽah; 33  and Japhlet’s sons were Pasac and Bimhal and ʽAshvath—these were Japhlet’s sons; 34 * and his brother Shemer’s sons were Rohgah and Hubbah and Aram; 35  and his brother Helem’s sons were Sophah and Imnaʽ and Shelesh and ʽAmal, 36  and Sophah’s sons were Suah and Harnepher and Shughal and Beri and Imrah, 37  Beser and Hod and Shamma and Shilshah and Ithran and Beera, 38  and Jether’s sons were Jephunneh and Pispah and Ara, 39  and ʽUlla’s sons were Arah and Hanniel and Risja. 40 * All these were Asher’s sons, the heads of families, sifted out, solid men, heads of the princes, and their genealogical register was by militia service in war; their number was twenty-six thousand men.


7:2 Or stalwart men
7:4 Lit. and on them
7:7 Or solid men
7:12 Susp.
7:12 Conj. And Shuppim and Huppim were sons of Dan
7:12 Or Hushim were sons of another
7:14-15 Susp.
7:14 Codd. of Manasseh were Asriel, whom
7:14 Or whom she bore; his Syrian concubine bore
7:15 Or a woman of Huppim’s and Shuppim’s
7:15 Codd. the second one’s (the grammatical form implying a man, not a woman)
7:34 Codd*. and Shemer’s sons were Ahi and Rohgah
7:40 Or stalwart men