1 Chronicles 24:1-31

24  And the sons of Aaron had their divisions. Aaron’s sons were Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar; 2  but Nadab and Abihu died before their father and had no sons, and Eleazar and Ithamar took the priesthood. 3  And David, and Sadok of the sons of Eleazar, and Ahimelec of the sons of Ithamar, divided them for their assignments in their service; 4  and the sons of Eleazar were found more numerous by heads of men than the sons of Ithamar, and they made the divisions of them, for the sons of Eleazar sixteen heads by families, and for the sons of Ithamar by their families eight. 5  And they divided them by lot, these with those, for there were princes of sacred ritual and princes of God from the sons of Eleazar and from the sons of Ithamar; 6 * and Secretary Shemaʽiah the son of Nethaneel, of the Levites, wrote them down before the king and the princes and Priest Sadok and Ahimelec the son of Abiathar and the heads of families of the priests and of the Levites; one family was taken for Eleazar and one taken for Ithamar. 7  And the first lot came out for Jehojarib, for Jedaʽiah the second, 8  for Harim the third, for Seʽorim the fourth, 9  for Malkijah the fifth, for Mijamin the sixth, 10  for Hakkos the seventh, for Abijah the eighth, 11  for Jeshuaʽ the ninth, for Shecaniah the tenth, 12  for Eljashib the eleventh, for Jakim the twelfth, 13 * for Huppah the thirteenth, for Ishbaal the fourteenth, 14  for Bilgah the fifteenth, for Immer the sixteenth, 15  for Hezir the seventeenth, for Happisses the eighteenth, 16  for Pethahiah the nineteenth, for Jehezkel the twentieth, 17  for Jakin the twenty-first, for Gamul the twenty-second, 18  for Delajah the twenty-third, for Maʽaziah the twenty-fourth. 19  These were their assignments for their service, to go into God’s house in accordance with the law received for them through their father Aaron, as Israel’s God Jehovah gave him the order. 20  And of the rest of the sons of Levi: of the sons of ʽAmram, Shubael; of the sons of Shubael, Jehdejah; of Rehabiah, 21  of the sons of Rehabiah, the chief, Isshijah. 22  Of Ishar, Shelomoth; of the sons of Shelomoth, Jahath. 23  And the sons of Hebron, Jerijah the chief, Amariah the second, Jahaziel the third, Jekemeam the fourth. 24  The sons of ʽUzziel, Micah; of the sons of Micah, Shamir; 25  Micah’s brother, Isshijah; of the sons of Isshijah, Zecariah. 26 * The sons of Merari, Mahli and Mushi; the sons of his son Jaʽazijah; 27  and the sons of Merari by his son Jaʽazijah, Shoham and Zaccur and ʽIbri; 28  of Mahli, Eleazar, but he did not have sons; 29  of Kish, the sons of Kish, Jerahmeel; 30  and the sons of Mushi, Mahli and Gheder and Jerimoth. These were the sons of the Levites by their families. 31 * They too cast lots along with their brothers the sons of Aaron before King David and Sadok and Ahimelec and the heads of the families of the priests and of the Levites, the chief’s families along with his youngest brother.


24:6 Var. one family at a time for Eleazar and one at a time for Ithamar
24:13 Var. for Jeshebab the fourteenth
24:26-27 Susp.
24:31 Lit. the chief’s fathers