1 Chronicles 13:1-14

13  And David consulted with the captains of thousands and of hundreds, every official; 2 * and David said to all the assembly of Israel “If you think it best, and it is sanctioned by our God Jehovah, let us send to the remainder of our brothers in all parts of the land of Israel, and with them the Levite priests in their glebe cities, and have them gather to us, 3  and we will get the ark of our God over to us; for we did not look it up in Saul’s time.” 4  And all the assembly said they should do so, because the proposal suited all the people. 5  And David assembled all Israel from the Delta River in Egypt to Lebo-Hamath to bring the ark of God from Kirjath-Jeʽarim; 6 * and David and all Israel went up to Baalah, to Kirjath-Jeʽarim, which belongs to Judah, to bring up from there the ark of God Jehovah who sits upon the cherubs, which happened to be there. 7 * And they took the ark of God in a new cart out of Abinadab’s house; and ʽUzza and Ahjo were driving for the cart, 8 * and David and all Israel were playing before God with all energy and with songs and with lyres and harps and tambourines and cymbals and trumpets. 9 * And they came to Kidon’s threshing-floor, and ʽUzza put out his hand to hold the ark, because the oxen jolted it. 10  And Jehovah was angry with ʽUzza, and smote him down for having put out his hand to the ark, and he died there before God. 11  And David was shocked that Jehovah had scathed ʽUzza, and called that place ʽUzza’s Scathe, which name it bears to this day. 12  And David became afraid of God that day, thinking “How can I bring the ark of God to my home?” 13  And David did not move the ark to his home in David’s City, but took it into the house of ʽObed-Edom the Gathite. 14 * And the ark of God remained with ʽObed-Edom’s family in his house three months, and Jehovah blessed ʽObed-Edom’s family and everything that belonged to him.


13:2 Lit. all the lands of Israel
13:6 (last words) Susp., unc.
13:7 Or ʽUzza and his brother were
13:8 (with all energy) Unc.; perhaps the name of a dance
13:9 Or the oxen slipped Or the oxen tilted it Or the oxen jerked him
13:14 Or in its house