Introduction to Section 9

Introduction to Section 9

This section teaches us about young people, prophets, and kings who displayed remarkable faith in Jehovah. In Syria, a little Israelite girl had faith that Jehovah’s prophet would heal Naaman. The prophet Elisha had complete confidence that Jehovah would protect him from an enemy army. High Priest Jehoiada risked his life to protect young Jehoash from his wicked grandmother, Athaliah. King Hezekiah trusted that Jehovah would rescue Jerusalem, and he did not give in to the Assyrian threat. King Josiah erased idolatry from the land, restored the temple, and led the nation back to true worship.


The Warrior and the Little Girl

A young Israelitess tells her mistress about Jehovah’s great power​—with miraculous results.

Jehovah’s Fiery Army

How Elisha’s servant comes to see that ‘there are more with us than with them.’

The Courage of Jehoiada

A faithful priest stands up to a wicked queen.

Jehovah Was Patient With Jonah

How did one of God’s prophets come to be swallowed by a huge fish? How did he get out? And what lesson did Jehovah teach him?

Jehovah’s Angel Protected Hezekiah

Judah’s enemies say that Jehovah will not protect his people, but they are wrong!

Josiah Loved God’s Law

Josiah becomes king when he is eight years old, and he helps his people to worship Jehovah.