Introduction to Section 2

Introduction to Section 2

Why did Jehovah bring about a flood that destroyed the world of that time? Early in human history, a battle began​—the battle between good and evil. Some individuals, such as Adam, Eve, and their son Cain, chose the side of evil. A few others, such as Abel and Noah, chose the side of good. Most people became so bad that Jehovah brought an end to that wicked world. This section will help us to learn that Jehovah sees which side we choose and that he will never allow the evil to conquer the good.


Adam and Eve Disobeyed God

What was special about one particular tree in the garden of Eden? Why did Eve eat the fruit from it?

From Anger to Murder

God accepted Abel’s offering but not Cain’s. When Cain found out, he was very angry and did a terrible thing.

Noah’s Ark

When bad angels married women on earth, they had sons who were giant bullies. Violence was everywhere. But Noah was different​—he loved and obeyed God.

Eight Survive Into a New World

The Flood brought 40 days and 40 nights of rain. Altogether, Noah and his family were in the ark for more than a year. Finally, they were able to go out.