Introduction to Section 8

Introduction to Section 8

Jehovah blessed Solomon with great wisdom and gave him the privilege of building the temple, but he gradually left Jehovah. If you are a parent, explain to your child how false worshippers turned Solomon away from God. The kingdom was divided, and bad kings led the nation into apostasy and idol worship. During this time, many loyal prophets of Jehovah were persecuted and killed. Queen Jezebel dragged the northern kingdom even deeper into apostasy. It was a dark time in the history of Israel. But there were still many faithful servants of Jehovah among the Israelites, including King Jehoshaphat and the prophet Elijah.


A Temple for Jehovah

God approves of King Solomon’s request and gives him great privileges.

A Kingdom Divided

Many Israelites stop serving Jehovah.

A Test on Mount Carmel

Who is the true God? Jehovah or Baal?

Jehovah Strengthened Elijah

Do you think that he can strengthen you too?

A Widow’s Son Came Back to Life

Two miracles in the same house!

A Wicked Queen Is Punished

Jezebel plots to kill Naboth in order to steal his vineyard! Her wickedness does not go unnoticed by Jehovah.

Jehovah Defends Jehoshaphat

Good King Jehoshaphat turns to God in prayer when Judah is threatened by enemy nations.