Bible Study Tools

Our library of free Bible study tools and resources can help you to deepen your personal Bible study and understand the Word of God more fully. Use our free online Bible, which includes many tools for in-depth study. Check out our interactive, self-guided Bible study lessons. Enhance your study with Bible videos, a Bible encyclopedia, a Bible atlas, a glossary of Biblical terms, and other free Bible tools.

Watch the Bible Online

Examine the features of the New World Translation, a Bible that is accurate and easy to read.

Videos for Bible Study

Introductions to Bible Books

Basic facts and background about each book of the Bible.

Essential Bible Teachings

These short video lessons answer key Bible questions, such as: Why did God create the earth? What is the condition of the dead? and Why does God allow suffering?

Bible Study Aids and References

Bible Summary

The brochure The Bible​—What Is Its Message? gives a fast-moving summary of the entire Bible and highlights its one overall theme.

Bible Atlas

“See the Good Land” is an atlas filled with maps and charts that illustrate different areas of the Biblical world, particularly the Promised Land during various time periods.

Bible Verse for the Day

Examining the Scriptures Daily, similar to a daily devotional, gives you a short Bible passage for each day and brief comments on that passage.

Bible-Reading Plans

Whether you want a daily Bible-reading plan, a historical overview, or a plan for beginners, this schedule will help.

How to Find Scriptures in Your Bible

Listed here are the 66 books of the Bible in the order used by most translations. The book name is followed first by the chapter number and then by the number of the verse.

Bible Questions Answered

Learn the Bible’s answers to questions about God, Jesus, family, suffering and more.

Bible Verses Explained

Discover the real meaning of popular Bible verses and phrases.

Online Library (opens new window)

Research Bible topics online using publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Study the Bible With a Personal Instructor

What Is the Bible Study Course Offered by Jehovah’s Witnesses?

With the free interactive program offered by Jehovah’s Witnesses, you can use any translation of the Bible. Feel free to invite your entire family or any friends to join you.

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