Introduction to Section 4

Introduction to Section 4

This section introduces us to Joseph, Job, Moses, and the Israelites. All of them endured much at the hands of the Devil. Some of them experienced injustice, imprisonment, slavery, and even death. In various ways, though, Jehovah protected them. If you are a parent, help your child to understand how those servants of Jehovah suffered evil without losing faith.

Jehovah used the Ten Plagues to show that he is more powerful than all the gods of Egypt. Highlight how Jehovah protected his people in the past and how he does so today.


A Slave Who Obeyed God

Joseph did what was right, but still suffered terribly. Why?

Jehovah Never Forgot Joseph

Even though Joseph was far from his family, God proved that he was with him.

Who Was Job?

He obeyed Jehovah even when it was hard.

Moses Chose to Worship Jehovah

As a baby, Moses was saved by his mother’s ingenious plan.

The Burning Bush

Why did the fire not burn up the bush?

The First Three Plagues

Pharaoh brought disaster on his people because he was too proud to take one simple action.

The Next Six Plagues

How did these plagues differ from the first three?

The Tenth Plague

This plague was so devastating that even proud Pharaoh finally gave in.

The Miracle at the Red Sea

Pharaoh came through the ten plagues, but did he survive this miracle of God?