Rahab Hid the Spies

Rahab Hid the Spies

When the Israelite spies went to the city of Jericho, they stayed at the house of a woman named Rahab. The king of Jericho found out and sent soldiers to Rahab’s house. She hid the two spies on the roof and sent the soldiers in another direction. She said to the spies: ‘I will help you because I know that Jehovah is on your side and that you will conquer the land. Please promise me that you will save my family.’

The spies told Rahab: ‘We promise that no one inside your house will be hurt.’ They said: ‘Tie a red cord in your window, and your family will be spared.’

Rahab let the spies down by a rope from her window. They went to the mountains and hid for three days before going back to Joshua. Then the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and prepared to take the land. Jericho was the first city they conquered. Jehovah told them to march around the city one time each day for six days. On the seventh day, they marched around the city seven times. Then the priests blew their trumpets, and the soldiers shouted as loud as they could. The walls of the city came crashing down! But Rahab’s house, which was on the wall, remained standing. Rahab and her family were saved because she trusted in Jehovah.

“In the same manner, was not Rahab . . . also declared righteous by works after she received the messengers hospitably and sent them out by another way?”​—James 2:25