Introduction to Section 6

Introduction to Section 6

When the Israelites finally reached the Promised Land, the tabernacle became the center of true worship there. Priests taught the Law, and judges guided the nation. This section illustrates the profound impact that a person’s decisions and actions can have on others. Each Israelite had a personal responsibility toward Jehovah and his fellow man. Highlight the influence that Deborah, Naomi, Joshua, Hannah, Jephthah’s daughter, and Samuel had on their communities. Emphasize that even some non-Israelites, such as Rahab, Ruth, Jael, and the Gibeonites, decided to side with the Israelites because they knew that God was with them.


Jehovah Chose Joshua

God gave Joshua instructions that can help us today, as well.

Rahab Hid the Spies

The walls of Jericho came crashing down. But Rahab’s house remained standing, even though it was built in the wall.

Joshua and the Gibeonites

Joshua prayed to God: “Sun, stand still!” Did God answer?

A New Leader and Two Brave Women

After Joshua died, the Israelites began to worship idols. Life got hard, but help came from Judge Barak, from the prophetess Deborah, and from Jael with her tent peg!

Ruth and Naomi

Two women whose husbands had both died returned to Israel. One of the women, Ruth, went to work in the fields, where she was noticed by Boaz.

Gideon Conquered the Midianites

After the Midianites made life miserable for them, the Israelites begged Jehovah for help. How did Gideon’s small army then conquer 135,000 enemy soldiers?

Hannah Prays for a Son

Elkanah took Hannah and Peninnah and the family to worship at the tabernacle in Shiloh. There, Hannah prayed for a son. A year later, she gave birth to Samuel!

Jephthah’s Promise

What promise did Jephthah make, and why? How did Jephthah’s daughter react to her father’s promise?

Jehovah Speaks to Samuel

High Priest Eli’s two sons served as priests at the tabernacle, but they did not obey God’s laws. Young Samuel was different, and Jehovah spoke to him.

Jehovah Made Samson Strong

God made Samson strong to fight the Philistines, but when Samson made a bad decision, the Philistines captured him.