Introduction to Section 14

Introduction to Section 14

The early Christians spread the good news of the Kingdom to the most distant part of the earth. Jesus directed them where to preach and miraculously enabled them to teach people in their own languages. Jehovah gave them boldness and the power to overcome vicious persecution.

Jesus gave the apostle John a vision of Jehovah’s glory. In another vision, John saw the Kingdom of the heavens conquer Satan and end his domination forever. John saw Jesus ruling as King and his 144,000 corulers with him. John also saw the whole earth become a paradise where everyone worships Jehovah in peace and unity.


The Disciples Receive Holy Spirit

What miraculous power does holy spirit give to them?

Nothing Could Stop Them

The religious leaders who had Jesus killed now try to silence his disciples. But they cannot.

Jesus Chooses Saul

Saul is a violent enemy of the Christians, but that is about to change.

Cornelius Receives Holy Spirit

Why does God send Peter to the house of this man, who is not a Jew?

Christianity Spreads to Many Nations

The apostle Paul and his missionary companions begin the preaching work in distant lands.

A Jailer Learns the Truth

How are a demon, an earthquake, and a sword all involved in this story?

Paul and Timothy

The two men work together as friends and fellow servants for many years.

Paul Is Sent to Rome

The journey is full of dangers, but no difficulty can slow down this apostle.

The Revelation to John

Jesus gives him a series of visions about the future.

“Let Your Kingdom Come”

The Revelation to John shows how God’s Kingdom will change life on earth.