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Why Is There So Much Hatred?

What does the Bible say?


What Does the Bible Say About the Global Water Crisis?

God’s Kingdom will do what human governments are incapable of doing​—eliminate the causes of our water problems.

Does God Have a Name?

Many Bible translations contain God’s personal name. Should you use it?

What Does It Mean to “Love Your Enemies”?

Jesus’ simple yet profound words can be very difficult to put into practice.

How Can You Live Forever?

The Bible promises that those who do God’s will can live forever. Consider three things he wants us to do.

Getting Along With Others

These Bible principles can help you to enjoy peaceful relationships.


Who Will Save the Civilians?—What Does the Bible Say?

The Bible foretells that God will bring “an end to wars throughout the earth.” How?

How to Control Worry in a Time of Crisis

Find out what you can do to avoid excessive worry.

Why Can’t People Make Peace?

What does the Bible say?


“The End”—What Does It Mean?

The Bible clearly explains what “the end” is and what it is not.


The Earth Will Survive

Why can we be so sure?


No More Corrupt Politicians!

See what God’s Kingdom will do.


Can Our Planet Survive?

In this issue of Awake! learn why you can have reason for hope.


Will Armageddon Begin in Israel?

What does the Bible say?


Will War Ever End?

God’s Kingdom promises true peace and security.


Good Mental Health

The Bible’s advice can help. Find out how in this issue of The Watchtower.


An Economy That Works for All

God’s Kingdom has the solution.


Can the Environment Be Saved?

Find out what God’s Kingdom will do.


Who Can Provide Good Health Care?

Find out what God’s Kingdom will do.