THE WATCHTOWER No. 2 2019 | Is Life Worth Living?

Has a traumatic event caused you to question whether life is worth living?

When Life Seems Unbearable

Life is worth living despite any adversity.

When Disaster Strikes

The Bible provides practical guidance that can help you to recover from a natural disaster.

When a Loved One Dies

Consider five practical suggestions that can help you to endure the loss of a loved one.

When a Spouse Is Unfaithful

Many innocent mates have found comfort in the Scriptures.

When You Have a Serious Illness

Learn how some coped when they had a serious illness.

When You Feel You Cannot Go On

Have you ever felt so depressed that you thought about ending your life? Where can you turn for help?

Why Life IS Worth Living

While others may not understand your distressing situation, be assured that God cares and wants to help you.

“He Cares for You”

These Bible verses can comfort and strengthen you.