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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Lies That Make God Seem Unlovable

Religious lies repeated for generations make God seem unlovable and far away. How do we know that God is not distant or cruel?

The Struggle to Love God

Do you feel distant from God? Is God unlovable? Read why some Christians have felt that way.

The Lie That Made God Nameless

Can God’s personal name really be known and used? Why does it matter?

The Lie That Made God a Mystery

The Trinity doctrine is a barrier to truly knowing and loving God. Can you really love someone who is impossible to know or understand?

The Lie That Made God Cruel

Many believe God punishes sinners eternally. Does God act wickedly? What really happens at death?

The Truth Can Set You Free

What standard did Jesus set for evaluating whether or not religious teachings are the truth?

Talk to Your Teenager—Without Arguing

Your teenager is forming an identity and needs an environment in which he can express his convictions. How can you help?

“The Rewarder of Those Earnestly Seeking Him”

What kind of faith pleases Jehovah? How does he reward his faithful worshippers?

She Was “Declared Righteous by Works”

How does Rahab’s story show that none of us are insignificant to Jehovah? What can we learn from her faith?

Bible Questions Answered

Do all good people go to heaven? Find out what the Bible says.

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