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Jehovah’s Witnesses



A Balanced View of Money

A distorted view of money can actually change your personality.

A Balanced View of Money

A seven-question self-examination can help you see whether your view has become distorted.

Spotlight on the Middle East

Events from the home of the world’s earliest civilizations confirm the accuracy of the Bible.

How to Apologize

What if I’m not fully to blame?


Called the Father of History, he apparently spent his life producing a single work.

A Visit to Nicaragua

It is home to the only freshwater lake with oceanic life such as sharks, swordfish, and tarpon.


Can people who are desperately poor be happy?

Microorganisms That Break Down Oil

How well can they clean up oil spills compared with modern technology?

More Online Features

Young People Talk About Money

Get tips on saving, spending, and keeping money in its place.

Be Kind and Share

Watch how Caleb and Sophia have a lot more fun when they share their things with each other.