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Spotlight on the Middle East

Spotlight on the Middle East

Once home to many of the world’s earliest civilizations, the Middle East is a rich source of archaeological treasures.

Canaanite Winemakers

In 2013, archaeologists uncovered a massive Canaanite wine cellar that dates back some 3,700 years. The cellar contained 40 large jars that could store the equivalent of 3,000 modern bottles of wine. An archaeologist who analyzed residue on the jars noted that the Canaanites were careful winemakers. He stated: “This wine’s recipe was strictly followed in each and every jar.”

DID YOU KNOW? The Bible mentions the production of “the best wine” in ancient Israel and the storage of wine in large jars.Song of Solomon 7:9; Jeremiah 13:12.

Population Explosion

In Egypt, 560,000 more babies were born in 2012 than in 2010, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper. “It’s the highest spike ever in all Egyptian history,” said Magued Osman of the Egyptian research company Baseera. If growth continues at this rate, some experts say, the country will experience even greater shortages of water, energy, and food.

DID YOU KNOW? According to the Bible, God’s purpose is for humans to “fill the earth,” to a suitable degree, and for all to enjoy adequate provisions.Genesis 1:28; Psalm 72:16.

Hoarded Coins Discovered

More than 100 bronze coins with the inscription “Year Four” were discovered near a highway in Israel. The date points to the fourth year of the Jewish revolt against the Romans (69-70 C.E.)—the revolt that led to Jerusalem’s destruction. “Evidently someone here feared the end was approaching—perhaps he could see the advancing Roman army,” says Pablo Betzer, an excavation director. “He hid his property in the hope of collecting it later.”

DID YOU KNOW? In 33 C.E., Jesus foretold the Roman siege of Jerusalem. He urged Christians to flee to the mountains for safety.Luke 21:20-24.