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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Your Cells—Living Libraries!

The discovery of the structure of DNA has proven to be a watershed in our scientific understanding of life.

Your Cells—Living Libraries!

What could lead respected scientists to abandon their belief in evolution?

Teaching Children Self-Control

Giving your children everything they want can actually deprive them of something far more important.

Bible Education Promotes Literacy

Josefina enrolled in the literacy program conducted by Jehovah’s Witnesses at the age of 101. How did she fare?


Does the Bible place limits on tolerance?

She Stuck to Her Beliefs

Song Hee Kang successfully faced a life-threatening medical condition when she was just 14.

The Mechanical Gears of the Issus Leafhopper

They are critical to the insect’s ability to make a powerful yet controlled jump.

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Young People Talk About Healthy Lifestyles

Do you find it hard to eat right and exercise? In this clip young people share what they do to stay healthy.

Obey Your Parents

Why is it important to obey your parents? Watch this video and learn the answer along with Caleb.