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Many millions of copies of the literacy aid Apply Yourself to Reading and Writing have been produced in more than 100 languages

Bible Education Promotes Literacy

Bible Education Promotes Literacy

“Literacy is a human right, a tool of personal empowerment and a means for social and human development.”—UNESCO. *

REPORTS indicate that worldwide over 700 million people aged 15 and above cannot read or write. As a result, they are unable to explore a vast world of knowledge, including the fine moral and spiritual teachings “written for our instruction” in the Bible. (Romans 15:4) In a number of lands, therefore, Jehovah’s Witnesses incorporate literacy training into their program of Bible education—all of which is free of charge. Has the program been successful?

Consider the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico, a predominantly Spanish-speaking country. Since the year 1946, the Witnesses have taught more than 152,000 people to read and write, many students later becoming teachers themselves. The government has sent the Witnesses numerous letters in recognition of their work. One letter states: “This General Board of Education acknowledges and congratulates you for your cooperation in the development of the Adult Education Program.”

Young and old have benefited from the literacy program. For example, Josefina was 101 years old when she enrolled in the course, which she successfully completed in two years!

Although Mexico’s principal language is Spanish, it is not the only language in which literacy classes are held. In the year 2013, people belonging to eight indigenous groups learned to read and write in their mother tongue using this program.

Literacy is, indeed, a precious asset that opens up a world of learning. But above all, literacy enables people of all sorts to read the Bible—a divinely inspired book that can set them free from enslaving superstitions, false religious beliefs, and hurtful behavior.John 8:32.

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