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Frequently Asked Questions​—JW Library (Windows)

Frequently Asked Questions​—JW Library (Windows)

JW Library is compatible with the following devices:

  • Tablets, PCs, and phones running Windows 10 or later


New languages are released periodically. To see the list of available languages for a publication, tap the Language button.

The colors correspond to the eight groupings explained in Question 19 of An Introduction to God’s Word.


JW Library will have the same basic functionality on all platforms. However, features and updates to the app may be released at different times for each platform.


Yes. You can save your notes, tags, highlights, favorites, and bookmarks to a backup file. This file can be restored on the same device or a different device.


No. At this time, your notes, tags, highlights, favorites and bookmarks cannot be synchronized across devices.


A friend who is familiar with JW Library may be able to help you. If not, please contact our nearest branch office.