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Customize the Reading Experience​—Windows

Customize the Reading Experience​—Windows

A number of features are provided in JW Library to enhance your reading experience. To find these features, right-click or swipe down from the top edge of the screen to open the App Commands bar.

You may need to tap the More button to access some of the app commands.

Follow these instructions to customize your reading experience:

 Change Language

You can change the language of the chapter or article you are currently reading.

  • Tap the Languages button to see all the languages that have the page you are currently reading. Languages that you use most often are at the top of the list. The simplified editions of The Watchtower will also appear here. You can also search the list by typing the name of a language.

  • Languages that you have not yet downloaded are marked with a cloud icon. Tap a language to download the publication. Once the publication is downloaded to your device, the cloud icon disappears. Tap the language again to read it.

 Change Text Settings

You can adjust the text to a size that is comfortable for you to read.

Tap the Text Settings button, then adjust the slider to make the text smaller or larger. This text size is used for all publications in the app.

 View Image or Text

Some articles can be viewed as an image or as text. Tap the appropriate button to toggle between the two views.

  • View Image: The image view shows the page as it appears in print. Some may prefer this view in publications such as the songbook, where the image view shows musical notation.

  • View Text: The text view shows Bible citations as links that can be tapped and will use your preferred text size.

 Open in Online Library

Tap the Open in Online Library button to open the page you are currently reading in Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY.

 Customize Look-up Bibles

When you tap a Bible citation in a publication, the verses are displayed. Tap the Customize button below the verses to choose which of your downloaded Bibles you would like to include in the list.

Tap the Add or Remove buttons to include or exclude translations. Tap a Bible then tap the Up or Down buttons to reorder the list.

See “Download and Manage Bibles​—Windows” to learn how to get additional Bibles in JW Library.

These features were released in March 2015 with JW Library 1.4, which is compatible with Windows 8.1 or later. If you don’t see these features, please follow the instructions in the article “Start Using JW Library​—Windows,” under Get the Latest Features.