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Bible Questions Answered

Bible Questions Answered

Did Jesus really resurrect people?

Jesus resurrected Lazarus, who had been dead for four days

The Bible clearly says that Jesus raised dead people to life. Those accounts are not mythical; they are set in real places at specific times. For example, during the summer of the year 31 C.E., a large crowd traveled with Jesus from Capernaum to Nain. On arriving, they encountered another crowd. You can trust the account of the resurrection that happened next because it is recorded in God’s Word, the Bible, and because it took place before all those witnesses.​—Read Luke 7:11-15.

Jesus also resurrected his friend Lazarus, who had been dead for four days. You can believe the report of what Jesus did that day because it too was observed by many witnesses.​—Read John 11:39-45.

Why did Jesus resurrect people?

Jesus resurrected people because he was moved by compassion. He also did so to show that his Father, the Creator of life, had given him power over death.​—Read John 5:21, 28, 29.

The resurrections that Jesus performed give us confidence in his promises about the future. He will resurrect a great many people, including unrighteous people who knew nothing about the true God. They will be given an opportunity to know and love Jehovah God.​—Read Acts 24:15.