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Does Satan Exist?

Does Satan Exist?

A sculpture in Madrid, Spain, depicting Satan as a corrupt, fallen angel

“I grew up in El Salvador. When I was disobedient, my mother would say, ‘The Devil is coming to get you!’ And I would reply, ‘Let him come!’ I believed in God, but not in Satan.”​—ROGELIO.

Do you agree with young Rogelio? Which of the following opinions seems reasonable to you?

  • Satan is not real; he is just a symbolic representation of evil.

  • Satan exists, but he has little interest in humans.

  • Satan is a powerful spirit creature who exerts great influence on mankind.

Each of those views has its supporters, perhaps millions of them. But does it really matter which view is accurate? Well, if Satan does not exist, those who accept him as real are misled. If Satan exists but is not interested in humans, many are cautious or even fearful without reason. However, if Satan is a deceptive manipulator, then he is more dangerous than most people imagine.

Let us examine how the Holy Scriptures answer these questions: What or who is Satan​—a symbol of evil or a spirit person? If he is a person, is Satan a danger to you? If so, how can you protect yourself?