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Satisfy Your Spiritual Need

Satisfy Your Spiritual Need

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Satisfy Your Spiritual Need

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE TEACH? “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.”​—Matthew 5:3.

WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE? There are thousands of different religions, many of which teach conflicting ways to satisfy your spiritual need. How can you know which one teaches the truth and truly pleases God? Some prominent authors assert that belief in God and devotion to him is illogical, even harmful. Maclean’s magazine summarizes the views of one prominent atheist this way: “This Christian concept, that there is something beyond science and beyond our senses . . . devalues the only life we have and makes us too prone to violence.”

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Examine the evidence that God exists. (Romans 1:20; Hebrews 3:4) Do not let anyone discourage you from looking for answers to important questions, such as the following: Why are we here? Is there life after death? Why is there so much suffering? What does God require of me? Finding satisfying answers to those questions is fundamental to your gaining lasting contentment.

However, do not blindly accept what others tell you. God’s Word encourages you to use your “power of reason” to prove to yourself what is acceptable to him. (Romans 12:1, 2) You will be rewarded for your efforts. If you make time to study the Bible and apply its practical counsel, you will avoid problems, lessen anxiety, and increase your enjoyment of life. That is no idle promise. Millions of people from all sorts of backgrounds have benefited by learning the truth about God and his purposes. Read, for example, the real-life accounts on pages 18 to 21 of this magazine.

As you benefit from applying the Bible’s wise counsel, your devotion to God will deepen. Why not accept the invitation to study the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses? If you do, you will likely find yourself agreeing with the apostle Paul, who wrote: “It is a means of great gain, this godly devotion along with contentment.”​—1 Timothy 6:6, footnote.

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Prove to yourself what is acceptable to God