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Love People, Not Money and Possessions

Love People, Not Money and Possessions

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Love People, Not Money and Possessions

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE TEACH? “The love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things.”​—1 Timothy 6:10.

WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE? Advertisers pressure us to be discontented with what we have. They want us to slave to gain money so that we can spend it on newer, better, bigger items. Money is seductive, and we can easily fall in love with it. However, the Bible warns that a person who loves riches will never be content. “A mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income,” wrote King Solomon.​—Ecclesiastes 5:10.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Imitate Jesus, and learn to love people more than things. Jesus was willing to give up all he had​—even his life—​because of love for people. (John 15:13) He said: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” (Acts 20:35) If we make it a practice to give to others of our time and resources, people will respond in kind. “Practice giving,” Jesus said, “and people will give to you.” (Luke 6:38) Those who pursue money and possessions cause themselves pain and suffering. (1 Timothy 6:9, 10) On the other hand, true contentment comes from loving and being loved.

Why not evaluate whether you can simplify your lifestyle? Can you decrease the number of possessions you have or are seeking to acquire? If you do, you may find that you have extra time and energy for the more important things in life​—helping people and serving God, who gave you all that you have.​—Matthew 6:24; Acts 17:28.

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“Practice giving, and people will give to you”