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Can You Know God by Name?

Can You Know God by Name?

Being invited to greet and address an important person by name is an honor. Dignitaries are often addressed by titles, such as “Mr. President,” “Your Majesty,” or “Your Honor.” So if someone in high station told you, “Please, just call me by my name,” you would no doubt feel privileged.

THE true God tells us in his written Word, the Bible: “I am Jehovah. That is my name.” (Isaiah 42:8) Although he also has many titles, such as “Creator,” “Almighty,” and “Sovereign Lord,” he has always honored his loyal servants by letting them address him by his personal name.

For example, the prophet Moses once began to implore God by saying: “Excuse me, Jehovah.” (Exodus 4:10) At the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem, King Solomon opened his prayer with the words: “O Jehovah.” (1 Kings 8:22, 23) And when the prophet Isaiah addressed God on behalf of the people of Israel, he said: “You, O Jehovah, are our Father.” (Isaiah 63:16) Clearly, our heavenly Father invites us to address him by name.

While addressing Jehovah by name is important, truly knowing him by name involves more. Regarding an individual who loves him and trusts in him, Jehovah promises: “I shall protect him because he has come to know my name.” (Psalm 91:14) Clearly, knowing God’s name must embrace a wealth of meaning, since it is a key factor in receiving God’s protection. What, then, would be required for you to know Jehovah by name?