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Did God Have a Beginning?

Did God Have a Beginning?

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Did God Have a Beginning?

▪ The Bible answers that God did not have a beginning. God has always existed. As difficult as the concept of God’s eternity is to grasp, we cannot dismiss the idea simply because we cannot fully comprehend it.

How reasonable is it that we should expect to understand all of God’s ways? The apostle Paul declared: “O the depth of God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How unsearchable his judgments are and past tracing out his ways are!” (Romans 11:33) Our minds cannot fully grasp the depth of God’s wisdom and knowledge any more than an infant can understand all the ways of a parent. These inspired words of Paul, although primarily about the uniqueness of God’s wisdom and mercy, suggest that there are aspects of Jehovah God and his workings that are too deep for our minds to fathom. The concept of God’s being without a beginning is apparently one of them. Yet, we can have absolute trust in what the Bible teaches about God. Jesus Christ said regarding the sacred writings: “Your word is truth.”​—John 17:17.

Moses said in prayer to Jehovah: “You have always been, and you will always be.” (Psalm 90:2, The Holy Bible, New Century Version) Here Moses describes God’s existence as stretching in two directions. One is toward the future. Jehovah is “the One that lives forever and ever.” (Revelation 4:10) Thus, God’s existence stretches forward into the eternal future. The other is toward the past. In other words, God was neither created nor did he come into existence. Rather, God’s existence stretches back into the infinite past.

Abstract ideas are hard for most of us to comprehend. Yet, we sometimes deal with challenging concepts, such as positive and negative numbers. Counting numbers can go on endlessly, either up or down. Could we not apply this example to the years in the life of the Creator?

It is therefore fitting that only God bears the unique title “King of eternity.” (1 Timothy 1:17) Just think: Jesus Christ, the myriads of angels in heaven, and mankind on earth all have a beginning because of being created. (Colossians 1:15, 16) Not so with God. To insist that God must have been created introduces pointless and circular logic about who created the Creator. No, Jehovah alone exists “from eternity to eternity.” (Psalm 90:2, The New American Bible) In other words, Jehovah existed “before all time.”​—Jude 25, footnote.

Keep in mind, though, that the concept of God’s eternal existence is not just a cold fact. A closer look at Moses’ prayer reveals that God’s eternity guarantees a warm promise of everlasting life for us. In contrast with the fleeting nature of our present life, God is described as “a real dwelling for us during generation after generation.” As a loving Father, Jehovah has been, is, and always will be there for his people. May you take comfort in that wonderful truth!​—Psalm 90:1.