This issue contains the study articles for August 31 to September 27, 2015.

They Offered Themselves Willingly—In Russia

Read about both single and married people who have moved to Russia to serve where the need is greater. They have learned to rely on Jehovah more!

Work to Enhance the Spiritual Paradise

Are the spiritual paradise and the spiritual temple the same? What “paradise” did Paul see in the “third heaven”?

Serving Jehovah in “the Calamitous Days”

How can you maintain strong faith and stay active in Jehovah’s service? Consider aged servants of God in Bible times who served him joyfully.

“Your Deliverance Is Getting Near”!

What message will be delivered after the great tribulation begins? What will happen to the anointed during that time?

Does It Matter Who Notices Your Work?

The example of Bezalel and Oholiab helps us to appreciate this vital truth: Jehovah notices our work, even if no one else seems to.

Maintain Your Loyalty to God’s Kingdom

How can Christians train themselves to be loyal to Jehovah and his Kingdom?

This Is Our Place of Worship

How can we show respect for our places of worship? How are Kingdom Hall construction and maintenance financed?

Did You Know?

The Bible says that parts of the Promised Land were forested. Considering its deforested condition today, could that have really been the case?