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“Look at the Artwork!”

“Look at the Artwork!”

How many times have you said that to yourself or to others when you opened a new issue of this magazine? The beautiful pictures and photographs that are painstakingly produced are there for a purpose. They are teaching aids that make us think and feel. They can be especially helpful when we prepare for and participate in the Watchtower Study.

For example, give some thought to why the first illustration of each study article was chosen for that article. What does it portray? How does it relate to the title of the article or to the theme scripture? With every other illustration, think of how it relates to the subject under discussion and to your own life.

The Watchtower Study conductor will want to give the congregation the opportunity to comment on each picture, to tell how it applies to the lesson or what impact it has on them personally. In some cases, a note is provided in the caption that links a picture to a specific paragraph. In others, the conductor may decide with which paragraph it would be best to discuss each picture. In this way, all will benefit fully from what has been done to help the reader visualize the lessons that are found in God’s Word.

One brother put it this way, “After reading a wonderfully written article, the pictures are the icing on the cake.”