Micah 2:1-13

2  Ha, they who plot villainy and commit mischief on their beds, and when morning light comes they do it because they have the ability! 2  and they desire fields and steal them, houses and carry them off, and victimize husband and house, man and estate. 3  So Jehovah says, Here I am for this clan a misfortune from which you shall not extricate your necks, and you shall not go upliftedly, because it is a bad time. 4 ** On that day they shall strike up a lay about you and lament a lamentable lament “Ravaged are we; he changes off my people’s portion; how it shifts away from me! to those who carry us off as slaves he divides our lands.” 5 * So there shall be no one of yours who measures a line by lot in Jehovah’s assembly. 6  “Do not preach!” Preach or not preach, for these disgrace will not fall back. 7 ** Is the house of Jacob cursed? Has Jehovah grown impatient or are these his doings? Do not my words deal kindly with him who walks right? 8 *** But of late my people is standing up as an enemy; you strip off robe, cloak, mantle from unsuspicious passersby as if by law of war. 9 * The women of my people you expel from their dainty houses; you take my adornment forever off from their little children. 10  Be off, for this is not the resting-place; owing to uncleanness you will be smitten with a baleful ruin. 11  If a man running a course of wind and falsehood should say lyingly “I will preach wine and beer to you” he would be the preacher for this people. 12 * I will collect all Jacob, I will gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together like sheep in a pen, they shall be a thronging mass of humanity like a flock in the middle of a corral. 13  The burster has gone up before them; they have burst it, they have trodden out a gate and gone out by it, and their king has gone on before them and Jehovah at their head.


2:4 Unc.; susp.
2:4 Codd. to an apostate he divides
2:5 Lit. throws a cord by lot
2:7 Codd. (unc.) Is it said, house of Judah, has Jehovah grown
2:7 (end) Susp.
2:8 Conj. But you are standing up as an enemy to my people
2:8 Codd. is setting up
2:8 Codd. you strip off mantle from against cloak from Conj. from peaceable people you strip off mantles, from unsuspicious passersby prize of war
2:9 (their, twice) Var. its
2:12-13 Unc.