Micah 5:1-15

5 * Now let the daughter of Gedor fence herself, they have laid siege to us; with a rod they will beat the judge of Israel on the Jawbone. 2 ** And you, Beth-Ephratha, tiniest among the thousand of Judah, out of you shall come one to be ruler in Israel, his origins being from of old, from ancient days. 3  So he will give them up till the time that one has borne a child.— And the rest of his brothers shall come back to the sons of Israel. 4  And he shall stand and shepherd in Jehovah’s might and in the pride of the name of his God Jehovah; and they shall be settled, for then shall he be great to the ends of the earth. 5 * (And this shall be peace: when Assyria comes into our country and treads on our soil, we shall set up against him seven shepherds and eight dukes of men, 6 * and they will shepherd Assyria’s country with swords and Nimrod’s country with falchions.) And he shall deliver us from Assyria when it comes into our country and treads on our territory. 7  And in the midst of many peoples the remnant of Jacob shall be like dew from Jehovah, like showers on herbage, that does not await a man nor stand waiting for human beings; and among the nations, 8  in the midst of many peoples, the remnant of Jacob shall be like a lion among game in the badlands, like a two-year-old lion among flocks of sheep, which, if it passes, pounces and makes its kill and nobody can rescue. 9  Your hand shall go high over your foes, and all your enemies shall be extirpated. 10  And on that day, quoth Jehovah, I will extirpate your ponies from your midst and destroy your chariots, 11  and extirpate the cities of your country and demolish your fortresses, 12 * and I will extirpate the witchcraft you ply and you shall have no fortune-tellers, 13  and I will extirpate your carvings and obelisks out of your midst and you shall no longer do reverence to the work of your hands, 14 * and I will uproot your asherahs out of your midst and stamp out your idols. 15  And in anger and resentment I will take vengeance on all the nations that have not listened.


5:1 The name Gedor appears to mean fencing; var. you may fence yourself, daughter of Gedor
5:2 Var. And you, Bethlehem-Ephratha, are tiny
5:2 Codd. tiniest (or tiny) for being
5:5-6 Susp.
5:6 Lit. with drawn (swords) Var. Nimrod’s country in its gateways.)
5:12 Lit. I will extirpate witchcrafts out of your hands and you shall
5:14 Codd. stamp out your cities Conj. stamp out your foes