Micah 6:1-16

6  Listen to what Jehovah is saying: “Stand up, upbraid the mountains and let the hills hear your voice. 2 * Listen, mountains, to Jehovah’s upbraiding, and give ear, foundations of earth, because Jehovah has a case against his people and is having it out with Israel. 3  My people, what have I done to you and how have I overtasked you? testify against me. 4  For I brought you up out of Egypt and ransomed you out of the slave-quarters, and sent before you Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. 5 * My people, remember what King Balak of Moab proposed and what answer Balaam the son of Be’or gave him, and from the Acacias to the Gilgal, in order to know Jehovah’s loyal work.” 6 * With what shall I advance to Jehovah, pay homage to the transcendent God? shall I advance to him with burnt-offerings, with yearling calves? 7  will Jehovah accept thousands of rams, millions of rivers of oil? shall I give my eldest son for my crime, the fruit of my wife for the sin of my soul? 8  He has told you, man, what is good; and what does Jehovah demand from you but to do justice and love friendliness and walk sanely with your God? 9 ** Hark, it is Jehovah’s voice as he calls out to the city and sets forth good sense, saying “Listen, tribe and meeting of the city: 10 * am I to forget the wrong-doer’s house, ill-gotten hoards and a detestable short bushel? 11  am I to clear him for wrongful scales and a bag of cheating weights?— 12 ** city whose rich men are full of outrage and its inhabitants talk falsehoods and the tongues in their mouths are all disloyalty! 13  And I on my part have dealt you devastatingly prostrating blows for your sins. 14 * You are to eat and not have your hunger satisfied, and it will give you the colic; and to displace and not bring safe off, and what you do bring off I will give to the sword. 15  You are to sow and not reap; you are to tread olives and not rub yourself with oil, and grape-juice and not drink wine. 16 * And you observe ʽOmri’s usages and every fabrication of Ahab’s house, and go by their plans, so as to have me make you a desolation and its inhabitants a whistling, and have you bear the taunts of peoples.”


6:2 Codd. upbraiding, and you the permanent, you foundations
6:5 Codd. gave him, from the Acacias
6:6 Lit. the God of the highest places
6:9 Codd. to the city; and good sense, he shall see your name: Listen
6:9-10 Codd. Listen to a rod, and who made the appointment for it? still is there a man in the wrong-doer’s house
6:10 Conj. am I to pardon
6:12 Codd. omit city
6:12 Lit. their tongues are disloyalty in their mouths
6:14 Unc.; susp.
6:16 Or every action of