Mark 9:1-50

9 * And he said to them “I tell you verily that there are some here standing among you who shall not taste death till they see the Reign of God begun in power.” 2  And after six days Jesus took Peter and James and John and brought them up on the side of a high mountain alone by themselves, and was transfigured before them; 3  and his clothes became glittering, exceedingly white, such as no fuller on earth can whiten so. 4  And there appeared to them Elijah with Moses, and they talked with Jesus. 5  And Peter answered by saying to Jesus “Rabbi, it is a good thing we are here: let us make three booths, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah”— 6  for he did not know what answer to make, because they were terrified. 7  And there came a cloud overshadowing them, and there came a voice out of the cloud, “This is my dear son, listen to him.” 8  And of a sudden they looked around and no longer saw any body but Jesus alone with themselves. 9  And as they were coming down from the mountain he charged them never to tell anybody the story of what they had seen till the Son of Man rose from the dead; 10  and they held the word fast to themselves, debating what rising from the dead was. 11  And they put the question to him “Why do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?” 12  and he said to them “Elijah comes first and restores everything—and how is it it is written about the Son of Man that he should suffer a great deal and be scorned? 13  But I tell you that Elijah has come and they have done to him whatever they wished, as is written about him.” 14  And when they got to the disciples they saw a great crowd around them, and scribes debating with them. 15  And at once all the crowd were taken aback at seeing him; and they ran up and greeted him, 16  and he put the question to them “What are you debating with them about?” 17  And one of the crowd answered him “Teacher, I have brought my son to you, that has a dumb spirit, 18  and wherever it gets at him it strikes him down, and he foams and sets his teeth hard and withers up; and I told your disciples to expel it and they were not able.” 19  And he answered them “O unbelieving generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I bear with you? bring him to me”; 20  and they brought him to him. And upon seeing him the demon threw him into a convulsion at once, and he fell on the ground and rolled there foaming. 21  And he questioned his father, “How long has he had this?” and he said “Since his childhood; 22  and it has often thrown him into fire and into water, to make away with him; but if you can do anything have pity on us and help us.” 23  And Jesus said to him “‘If you can’! Everything is possible to him who believes!” 24  At once the child’s father gave a cry “I believe; help my unbelievingness.” 25  And Jesus, seeing that a crowd was running up, said peremptorily to the unclean spirit “Dumb and deaf spirit, I order you, come out of him and do not come into him again.” 26  And with a scream and many convulsions it came out, and he became as if dead, so that most of them said he was dead; 27  but Jesus grasped his hand and raised him, and he stood up. 28  And when he came indoors and they were by themselves his disciples put the question to him “How was it we could not expel it?” 29  and he said to them “This kind cannot be got out by anything but prayer.” 30  And they went out from there and went along through Galilee; and he would not have anyone know of it, 31  for he was teaching his disciples and telling them that the Son of Man was to be given up into the hands of men, and they would kill him, and when he had been killed he would rise after three days. 32  But they failed to understand the word, and were afraid to question him. 33  And they came to Capernaum; and when he got into the house he put the question to them “What were you talking over on the road?” 34  But they were silent, for they had been arguing together on the road about which was greatest. 35  And he sat down and called the Twelve and said to them “If one means to be first, he shall be last of all and serving-man to all.” 36  And he took a child and set it in the middle among them, and, putting his arms around it, said to them 37 * “Anybody who receives one of the children in my name is receiving me, and anybody who receives me is receiving not me but him who sent me.” 38  John said to him “Teacher, we saw somebody expelling demons in your name, and we stopped him because he did not follow us.” 39  But Jesus said “Do not stop him, for there is no one who will work a miracle in my name and be able to go right to abusing me. 40  For he who is not against us is for us. 41 * For anybody who gives you a cup of water to drink on the ground that you belong to the Messiah, I tell you verily, shall not lose his reward; 42  and anybody who trips up one of these little ones who believe, it would sooner be a good thing for him if he had an ass-power millstone hanging round his neck and had been thrown into the sea. 43  And if your hand trips you up, cut it off: it is better that you pass into life one-armed than that with both your hands you should go into hell, into the inextinguishable fire. 44  —— 45  And if your foot trips you up, cut it off: it is better that you pass into life a cripple than that with both your feet you should be thrown into hell. 46  —— 47  And if your eye trips you up, tear it out; it is better that you pass into the Reign of God one-eyed than that with two eyes you should be thrown into hell, 48 * where their worm does not die and their fire does not go out. 49 * For everyone shall be salted with fire. 50  Salt is a good thing, but if the salt has lost its saltness what will you season it with? Have salt in yourselves and be at peace with each other.”


9:1 Lit. come in power (“come” being here past participle)
9:37 Lit. of such children
9:41 Lit. in name that you are
9:48 Or worms do
9:49 Var. substitutes (with for) or adds (with and) every sacrifice shall be salted with salt