Mark 3:1-35

3  And he went into a synagogue again, and there was a man there with his hand shriveled; 2  and they were watching him to see if he would cure him on the sabbath, that they might arraign him. 3  And he said to the man with the shriveled hand “Stand forward”; 4  and he said to them “Is it lawful on the sabbath to do a good act or to do harm, to save a life or to kill?” but they were silent. 5  And he looked around at them in anger, grieving over their lumpish-heartedness, and said to the man “Stretch out your hand”; and he stretched it out, and his hand was restored. 6  And the Pharisees went out and at once entered into a plot with the Herodians against him to make away with him. 7  And Jesus, with his disciples, retired to the seaside; and a great multitude from Galilee followed him, 8  and from Judea and from Jerusalem and from Idumea and the other side of the Jordan and around Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude, hearing how much he was doing, came to him. 9  And he told his disciples to have a boat attend on him because of the mass of people, that they might not crowd him: 10  for he had cured many, so that any who had complaints were throwing themselves against him in order to touch him. 11  And the unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him and screamed “You are the Son of God.” 12  And he told them peremptorily over and over not to make him known. 13  And he went up on the mountainside and summoned whom he pleased, and they went to him. 14  And he appointed twelve to be with him, and for him to send out to make the proclamation 15  and to have authority to expel demons: 16  he appointed the twelve, and gave Simon the other name Peter; 17  and James the son of Zebedee and James’s brother John,—and he gave them the other name Boanerges, that is, Sons of Thunder—; 18  and Andrew and Philip and Bartholomew and Matthew and Thomas and James the son of Alpheus and Thaddeus and Simon the Kananee 19  and Judas Iscarioth, the same who was the agent in his arrest. And he came back to the house; 20  and the crowd came together again so that they could not even eat a meal; 21  and his family, hearing of it, went out to seize him, for they said he was out of his senses. 22  And the scribes that had come down from Jerusalem said that he had Beelzebul, and that it was by the head of the demons that he expelled the demons. 23  And he called them to him and said to them with parables “How can Satan expel Satan? 24  And if a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot be kept up; 25  and if a family is divided against itself, that family will not be able to stand; 26  and if Satan has stood up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but is at an end. 27 * But nobody can enter a strong man’s house and plunder it of his goods unless he first binds the strong man, and then he shall plunder his house. 28  I tell you verily that the sons of men will be forgiven all their sins, 29  and whatever blasphemies they indulge in, but one who shall blaspheme against the Holy Spirit has no pardon forever, but is guilty of an eternal sin”— 30  because they said “He has an unclean spirit.” 31  And his mother and his brothers came and stood outside and sent to him to call him; 32 * and there was a crowd sitting around him, and they told him “Here are your mother and your brothers outside looking for you.” 33  And he answered them “Who is my mother, and my brothers?” 34  and, looking around at those who were sitting round about him, he said “Here are my mother and my brothers! 35  for whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother.”


3:27 Lit. plunder his goods
3:32 Var. brothers and your sisters