Amos 2:1-16

2  Says Jehovah, For Moab’s three crimes and four, I will not turn it back, for his burning the bones of the king of Edom for lime; 2  but I will send a fire into Moab and it shall devour Kerijoth’s palaces, and Moab shall die in hubbub, with cheering, with sound of horn, 3  and I will cut off judge from her midst and kill all his generals with him, says Jehovah. 4  Says Jehovah, For Judah’s three crimes and four, I will not turn it back, for their rejecting Jehovah’s instructions and not keeping his usages, and being misled by their lies which their fathers followed; 5  but I will send a fire into Judah, and it shall devour Jerusalem’s palaces. 6  Says Jehovah, For Israel’s three crimes and four, I will not turn it back, for their selling out an honest man for silver and a poor man for a fee of a pair of sandals, 7 ** they who gulp at roadside dust on needy men’s heads and force humble men off their course, and a man and his father go to a girl so as to profane my hallowed name, 8 ** and on blankets pawned to them they turn in beside every altar and drink at the house of their God wine paid to them in fines. 9  And I had destroyed before them the Amorites whose tallness was like that of cedars and who were sturdy as oaks, but I destroyed their fruit above and their roots beneath. 10  And I had brought you up out of Egypt, and caused you to go through the wilderness forty years to take possession of the Amorites’ country, 11  and had caused sons of yours to rise as prophets and youths of yours as devotees—is this not so, sons of Israel? quoth Jehovah; 12  but you gave the devotees wine and gave the prophets the order “You shall not prophesy.” 13 ** Here I am going to make you groan where you stand as a cart full of hay groans. 14  And a swift man shall lose the power of flight, and a strong man shall not rally his strength, and a brave man shall not save his life, 15  and the bowman shall not stand, and the swift-footed shall not escape, and the mounted man shall not save his life, 16  and the stoutest-hearted among the brave shall run away naked that day, quoth Jehovah.


2:7 Var. trample on roadside dust
2:7 Lit. turn aside humble men’s course
2:8 Or god
2:8 Lit. fined men’s wine
2:13 Unc.; susp.
2:13 Lit. groan under yourselves