Amos 4:1-13

4  Listen to this word, Bashan cows on Samaria’s highland, that deny justice to needy men and persecute poor men, that say to their lords “Bring on, let’s drink!” 2 * The Lord Jehovah has sworn by his divinity, Here are days coming upon you when you will be taken away with hooks and the last of you with fishhooks; 3 * and you will go out of breaches, each straight out, and be thrown to the Harmon, quoth Jehovah. 4  Come to Bethel and commit crimes, to the Gilgal and commit many; and bring your sacrifices next morning, your tithes in three days, 5  and burn a thank-offering out of raised bread and proclaim volunteer offerings, advertise them, because that is the sort of thing you like, sons of Israel, quoth the Lord Jehovah. 6  And I on my part have given your cleanness of teeth in all your cities and scarcity of bread in all your places, and you did not come back to me, quoth Jehovah. 7  And so have I withheld the rain from you when it was still three months to harvest, and made it rain on one city and not made it rain on another city; one field would be rained on, and a field that I did not make it rain on would dry up; 8  and two or three cities would tramp to one city to drink water, and not get enough, and you did not come back to me, quoth Jehovah. 9 * I have struck you with blasting and mildew; the bourgeoning of your gardens and vineyards, your fig-trees and olive-trees, the early grasshoppers would eat, and you did not come back to me, quoth Jehovah. 10 * I have sent epidemics among you in Egyptian fashion; I have killed your young men in warfare, together with the carrying off of your ponies, and I have brought up into your nostrils the stench of the putrefaction of your armies, and you did not come back to me, quoth Jehovah. 11 * I have done such overthrowing among you as God did to Sodom and Ghomorrah, and you have been like a burnt stick rescued out of a conflagration, and you did not come back to me, quoth Jehovah. 12  So I will do like this to you, Israel. Because I will do this to you, prepare to meet your God, Israel; 13  for here is he who shaped mountains and created wind and tells man what is his inmost thought, he who makes dawn dusk and walks the heights of earth—his name is Jehovah God of Armies.


4:2 Or by his sanctuary or by his halidom
4:3 (be thrown to the Harmony Susp.
4:9 (bourgeoning) Unc.; susp.
4:10 (together with the carrying off of your ponies) Susp.
4:11 Or gods