Amos 6:1-14

6 * Ha, you who are at ease in Sion, and you who are sure of your ground on Samaria Mountain, the distinguished of the first of nations, you to whom the house of Israel come! 2 ** Go over to Calneh and see, and from there to great Hamath, and down to Philistine Gath. Superior to these nations, or is their territory greater than yours? 3  you that chase a dull day and bring on an outrage-party! 4  men that lie on ivory couches and sprawl on their divans, and eat he-lambs out of flocks and calves from the middle of a fattening-pen, 5  that make verses to the harp, like David have contrived instruments of their own for accompaniment, 6  that drink temple-bowls of wine and anoint themselves with prime oils, and are not put out of health by Joseph’s collapse. 7  So they shall now be deported at the head of deportees, and sprawlers’ wakes shall pass away; 8  Jehovah has sworn by himself. Quoth Jehovah the God of Armies, I abominate Jacob’s pride and hate his palaces, and will hand over city and contents. 9  And if there are left ten men in one house they shall die. 10 * And his uncle and his burner shall take him up, carrying bones out of the house, and say to the one that was in the back of the house “Have you anyone else here?” and he shall say “Nobody,” and he shall say “Hush,” because Jehovah is not to be mentioned. 11  For here is Jehovah giving the order and they are to knock the big house to shivers and the little house to breaks. 12 ** Do horses run on cliffs or do cattle plow in them, that you have turned justice to opium and the fruit of right to wormwood, 13  you that are gay over what is not an occasion, that say “Haven’t we got ourselves horns by our strength?” 14 * For here I am raising up against you, house of Israel, a nation that will oppress you from Lebo-Hamath to Rift Valley Arroyo.


6:1 (last part) Susp.
6:2 Conj. Are you superior
6:2 Conj. your territory greater than theirs
6:10 (beginning) Susp.
6:12 Codd.* does one plow on them with cattle Susp.
6:12 (opium) Unc.
6:14 Var. house of Israel, says Jehovah the God of Armies, a nation