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Warwick Photo Gallery 7 (September 2016 Through February 2017)

Warwick Photo Gallery 7 (September 2016 Through February 2017)

In this photo gallery, see how the work on the new headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses was completed and how volunteers began using these facilities between September 2016 and February 2017.

Photograph of the completed Warwick complex. Clockwise from top left:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Building

  2. Visitor Parking

  3. Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

  4. Residence B

  5. Residence D

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence A

  8. Offices/Services Building

September 8, 2016​—Warwick site

All buildings at the Warwick complex are now in use. In early September, some 500 people were living at Warwick. That number included construction volunteers and full-time personnel who had transferred from Brooklyn.

September 20, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

An artist inspects the glazing on mirror tiles that are used on the entrance walls of the exhibit “A People for Jehovah’s Name.” The tiles were specially treated to give them an aged appearance, which complements the historical theme of the exhibit.

September 28, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

Stephen Lett, a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, was the chairman of the first Morning Worship program that was broadcast from Warwick. That morning, Brother Lett read an open letter thanking the more than 27,000 volunteers who helped to construct the new facilities and the many others who supported the project in various ways.

October 3, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A carpenter sets letters into the entry sign for one of three self-guided exhibits. This exhibit, “A People for Jehovah’s Name,” traces the modern-day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses from the 1870’s to the present.

October 5, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

The Writing Committee meets with its helpers and members of the Writing Department. Large monitors display artwork proposed for upcoming publications and allow departments from other complexes to communicate with the committee during meetings. The table, which was donated several years ago, was moved from Brooklyn to Warwick.

October 20, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A helper to the Coordinators’ Committee, along with other personnel who work under its direction, discusses ways to assist those affected by Super Typhoon Haima (Lawin), which had struck the Philippines only a day earlier. Video-conferencing equipment helps departments at world headquarters to address urgent matters quickly and to communicate with branch offices around the globe.

October 28, 2016​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

A bioretention pond separates the Maintenance Building from the main entrance road. This pond and others at Warwick use natural methods to trap and filter particles and pollutants from rainwater, saving up to 50 percent of the costs associated with installing a conventional drainage system. In addition, the treated and filtered water that thereafter flows into local streams promotes a healthier habitat for plants and animals.

November 4, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A moving crew unloads items at the receiving dock. Approximately 80 workers helped headquarters personnel move from Brooklyn to their new home at Warwick.

December 14, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

Bakers roll a large lump of dough from a mixing bowl onto a bench. Since the mixed dough can weigh well over 45 kilograms (100 lbs), a bowl hoist makes the process easier and safer. The Warwick bakery is also equipped with a retarder/proofer, an appliance that can be programmed either to speed up or to slow down fermentation by controlling temperature and humidity. This piece of automated equipment reduces the labor required to bake hundreds of loaves of bread each week.

December 14, 2016​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

Building Services personnel haul garbage out of the Maintenance Building. Unlike our facilities in Brooklyn, most of our buildings at Warwick are connected, requiring fewer personnel and vehicles to remove trash and recyclable materials.

December 14, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A blouse is sprayed with water to relax wrinkles and pressed on a universal form finisher. On average, the Laundry Department at Warwick cleans over 5,000 kilograms (11,000 lbs) of clothing and linen each week. To track these items, laundry personnel affix bar-code labels. The labels are scanned at various points in the laundry to ensure that all items are handled properly and delivered to the correct department or room.

December 20, 2016​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

A mechanic inspects and maintains a boom lift used in the powerhouse. This work extends the life of the equipment and keeps it safe for those who use it.

January 10, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

A technician debugs a computer application running an introductory display for the “Faith in Action” exhibit.

January 11, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

Carpenters prepare a bicycle, manufactured in 1903, for display in the exhibit “A People for Jehovah’s Name.” This donated bicycle, carefully restored by workers at Warwick, is used to depict the effort and sacrifice of Bible Students (later called Jehovah’s Witnesses) who used such methods of transport when spreading the Bible’s message.

January 12, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

Carpenters install glass that will enclose a display of items related to the “Photo-Drama of Creation,” a Bible-based motion picture and slide presentation that premiered in 1914 and was seen by some nine million people that year.

January 12, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

Archivists and a graphic artist prepare the 1544 edition of the Zurich Latin Bible for display in the exhibit “The Bible and the Divine Name.” The red arrow visible in the Bible in the foreground points to God’s personal name, Jehovah. Archivists take several precautions to protect fragile Bibles. For example, the pages are held in place with straps of polyester film, the gallery is humidity- and temperature-controlled, and the fiber-optic lighting of the displays is carefully calibrated to prevent damage to the delicate paper.

January 16, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

Escorted visitors get a unique view of the Warwick complex from its 23-meter (75-ft) tower. Reserved tours of the self-guided exhibits and the Warwick facilities began on April 3, 2017. Those who want to enjoy a tour must reserve a time by using the online reservation system accessible from our website section ABOUT US > OFFICES & TOURS.

January 19, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

An archivist places a rare first edition of the 1611 King James Version into its display case. The display cases were custom designed and built by the staff at Warwick.

January 19, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

A graphic artist places a top hat into a display case. The hat belonged to Joseph F. Rutherford, who began taking the lead among Jehovah’s Witnesses a century ago. This gallery, part of the exhibit “A People for Jehovah’s Name,” depicts the early efforts of the Witnesses to preach the good news of the Kingdom.

January 20, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

With the assistance of the audio recording team, a reader narrates the self-guided exhibit “The Bible and the Divine Name.” Just over one week after the recording booth and other equipment were disassembled in Brooklyn and moved to Warwick, the recording studio was operating again. This studio (a satellite of the main recording studios at the Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson) is also used to record the New World Translation, The Watchtower and Awake!, articles for, and other audio publications.

January 27, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

A carpenter’s assistant paints the edges of a three-dimensional photo display. The display, part of the exhibit “A People for Jehovah’s Name,” features historic photographs of Bible Students in the late 19th century.

February 15, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

An artist paints a model of Caleb, a character in the animated series Become Jehovah’s Friend. The model will appear in a gallery that highlights the tools and programs that Jehovah’s Witnesses have developed especially for children.

February 15, 2017​—Offices/Services Building

A carpenter cuts photographs and vinyl signs for the exhibit “A People for Jehovah’s Name.” Over 250 people, including cabinetmakers, computer programmers, designers, electricians, tile-setters, videographers, and writers, worked on the three museum exhibits from conception to completion.