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Warwick Photo Gallery 6 (March Through August 2016)

Warwick Photo Gallery 6 (March Through August 2016)

In this photo gallery, see how the work progressed on the new headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses and how volunteers supported the construction work between March and August 2016.

Photograph of the completed Warwick complex. Clockwise from top left:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Building

  2. Visitor Parking

  3. Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

  4. Residence B

  5. Residence D

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence A

  8. Offices/Services Building

March 16, 2016​—Warwick site

Landscapers unload oak and maple trees at the tree staging area. More than 1,400 new trees are being planted at the Warwick site.

March 23, 2016​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Warwick personnel observe the Lord’s Evening Meal. A total of 384 people were present at this location for the event, which is commemorated annually by Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.

April 15, 2016​—Warwick site

Carpenters install windows at the gatehouse. Gate personnel will welcome visitors, provide security for the property, and manage the flow of vehicles entering and leaving the site.

April 19, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A father-and-son team of carpet layers place carpet tiles in a hallway on the second floor. Carpet tiles were used extensively in public areas, since damaged tiles are easier to replace than larger sections of carpet.

April 27, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

Carpenters install demountable office partitions. These partitions allow departments to reconfigure office spaces as needed.

May 10, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A worker prepares the main visitor restrooms, adjacent to the lobby, for the installation of toilets and partitions.

May 26, 2016​—Warwick site

In a training exercise, the Emergency Response Team prepares to extinguish a fire. By preparing to handle such incidents quickly, these firefighters will be able to protect personnel and buildings at Warwick while also reducing the burden on local emergency resources.

May 30, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A waiter seats Warwick workers in the main dining room just before the first Morning Worship program tied in to that location begins.

May 31, 2016​—Maintenance Building/Resident Parking

Using a self-leveling laser, a carpenter posts one of over 2,500 signs that provide directions for residents and visitors.

June 1, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A welder installs handrails on the main staircase leading from the lobby to the auditorium. The fire-resistant blanket that appears at the bottom of the image protects the surrounding finishes from damage.

June 9, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A member of the Walls/Ceilings Department finishes the drywall leading to “Faith in Action,” one of three self-guided visitor exhibits. The architectural elements of the exhibits highlight the theme of each gallery.

June 16, 2016​—Vehicle Maintenance Building

Workers prepare the concrete floor for densification. The densifying process seals the concrete, making it durable, resistant to dust and tire marks, and easier to maintain.

June 29, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A crew of carpenters install a fiberglass overhang above the lobby entrance. The translucent panels cast soft light onto the main entryway.

June 29, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A husband-and-wife team set granite tile at the entrance of the visitor exhibit “The Bible and the Divine Name.”

July 6, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A carpenter installs one of 1,018 seats in the main auditorium. The auditorium will host the family Watchtower Study and other spiritual programs for the Bethel family.

July 9, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

In the main lobby, carpenters, electricians, and other workers set up a lighted welcome sign for visitors.

July 13, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

Two members of the Building Support crew deliver water to workers in the main lobby. Especially during hot weather, construction teams were regularly reminded to stay hydrated.

July 19, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

A carpenter installs display cases that will house rare Bibles for the exhibit “The Bible and the Divine Name.” The exhibit will include a rotational gallery featuring additional Bibles and Bible-related artifacts.

July 22, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

With the help of a blueprint projected on the wall, a carpenter affixes representations of Australia and islands in Southeast Asia onto a map in the main lobby. The name Jehovah’s Witnesses appears on the wall in almost 700 languages.

July 23, 2016​—Offices/Services Building

Members of the Bethel family attend an orientation session. The sessions were designed to welcome and orient future Warwick Bethelites and to warn them of safety hazards that still existed on the site.

August 17, 2016​—JW Broadcasting studio

Riggers suspend the light-ring and its supporting structure above the JW Broadcasting anchor desk. Most of the studio’s components were moved from its former location in Brooklyn.

August 24, 2016​—Warwick site

An electrician installs a new sign with LED accent lighting at the main entrance. As of September 1, many world headquarters departments were operating at Warwick.