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Evolution Versus Creation

How Did Life Get Its Start?

The fact is, many educated people​—including a number of scientists​—question the validity of the theory of evolution.

The Untold Story of Creation

Is the Bible’s account of creation compatible with scientific fact?

What the Bible Tells Us About a Creator

Does its account harmonize with scientific facts?

Did God Use Evolution to Create the Different Types of Life?

Nothing in the Bible conflicts with scientific observations that variations occur within each kind of life.

Evolution or Creation?—A Studentʼs Dilemma

Students who have been taught about creation often face a difficult choice.

What Does the Bible Say About Creation?

The Bible describes six “days” during which God created life. Were these 24-hour days?

Young People Talk About Belief in God

In this three-minute video, teenagers explain what convinces them that there is a Creator.

The Wonders of Creation Reveal God’s Glory

How much of God’s creation do you notice each day? God’s infinite wisdom and the depth of his love for us can be seen through the things he has made.

The Living Planet

Life on earth could never exist were it not for a series of very fortunate “coincidences.” Were those coincidences due to blind chance or intelligent design?

The Wonder Element

No chemical element is more essential to life than this one. What is it, and what makes it so important?

Your Cells—Living Libraries!

What could lead respected scientists to abandon their belief in evolution?

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 1: Why Believe in God?

Would you like to be more confident in explaining why you believe in God? Get tips on how to respond if someone questions your belief.

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 2: Why Question Evolution?

Two fundamental facts show why you should.

Creation or Evolution?​—Part 3: Why Believe in Creation?

Do you have to be antiscience to believe in creation?

Should I Believe in Evolution?

What explanation makes most sense?

What Does the Bible Say About Evolution?

Does the Bible’s account of creation conflict with science?

What Does the Bible Say About Dinosaurs?

Does it harmonize with science?