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Viewpoints on the Origin of Life

Why We Have Faith in God’s Existence

The complexity found in nature helped a professor arrive at a fundamental conclusion.

A Brain Pathologist Explains His Faith

Professor Rajesh Kalaria talks about his work and faith. What stimulated his interest in science? What caused him to question the origin of life?

Irène Hof Laurenceau: An Orthopedic Surgeon Explains Her Faith

Her work with leg prosthetics moved her to question her belief in evolution.

Monica Richardson: A Physician Explains Her Faith

She questioned whether birth was a miracle or if it had a designer. What conclusion did she draw from her experience as a physician?

An Embryologist Explains His Faith

Professor Yan-Der Hsuuw believed in evolution, but changed his view after becoming a research scientist.

A Consultant Surgeon Explains His Faith

For many years, Dr. Guillermo Perez believed in evolution, but now he is convinced that our body was designed by God. What made him change his mind?

A Kidney Specialist Explains Her Faith

Why did a doctor and former atheist start thinking about God and the meaning of life? What caused her to change her view of these things?

A Software Designer Explains His Faith

When Dr. Fan Yu began his career as a research mathematician he believed in evolution. Now he believes that life was designed and was created by God. Why?

Massimo Tistarelli: A Roboticist Explains His Faith

His high regard for science led him to question his belief in evolution.

An Experimental Physicist Explains His Faith

Two key facts from nature convinced Wenlong He that there is a Creator.

“I Am Convinced That There Is a Creator”

Frédéric Dumoulin was disgusted with religion and so became an atheist. How has studying both the Bible and the design of living things convinced him that there is a Creator?

A Biotechnologist Explains His Faith

Dr. Hans Kristian Kotlar’s study of the immune system caused him to question the origin of life. How did studying the Bible answer his questions?

A Microbiologist Explains Her Faith

The unexpected complexity of cell chemistry caused Feng-Ling Yang, a scientist in Taiwan, to change her view of evolution. Why?

A Biochemist Explains Her Faith

Learn the scientific facts she considered and why she has faith in God’s Word.

A Biochemist Explains His Faith

What made this researcher reconsider the origin of life, and what convinced him that the Bible is from God?

A Mathematician Explains His Faith

Why does Professor Gene Hwang find that his religious beliefs do not conflict with his secular studies?

A Classical Pianist Explains His Faith

Music itself convinced this former atheist to believe in a Creator. What led him to believe that the Bible is from God?

Petr Muzny: A Law Professor Explains His Faith

He was born under a Communist regime. The idea of a Creator was considered to be nonsense. Notice what changed his mind.

“I Am Convinced That Life Was Designed by God”

Read why one scientist changed his view of the Bible, evolution, and the origin of life.